Vaajlaach Paahije – Game Ki Shinema: Film Review – Loud But Funny

Director R. Viraj, who is known for his work on the film Shyamche Vadil, has returned to the box office, this time with Vaajlaach Paahije – Game Ki Shinema. While the film’s title is a little difficult to wrap your head around, the rest of the film isn’t. Vaajlaach Pahije is a brave attempt to tell the tale of two struggling film-makers, Yash and Raj. Played by Rajesh Bhosale and Chinmay Udgirkar, the two men are a hapless duo, who are looking for a big break in the film business.

They’ve tried everything, from being chaiwallas to selling vadapavs, but nothing seems to be working. They have ideas, and a strong desire to make a film, but they lack one critical detail – money. Finally, after a stroke of luck, they manage to set up a meeting with a corrupt producer, Bhau Damdar, played by Bhalchandra Kadam.

Mr. Damdar consents to back their film, provided he gets to have his way with the heroine of the film. However, he has an utter lack of film-making sensibility, and Yash and Raj decide that their film will be made their way. Together, with Girija Joshi, their heroine, they make their own film using Damdar’s money, and double-cross him.

While the film does manage to entertain you, it also has more than a few loopholes. The plot is a collection of truly random scenes, with some unnecessary songs in the desert. However, putting that aside, what shines in the film are the performances. Bhalchandra Kadam manages to get you chuckling with his lecherous gunda routine, while Chinmay Udgirkar shines with his performance as a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan who only speaks like the star. However, the highlight of the film is Aarti Solanki, as Zatak Chandni, who makes you grin every time she enters the frame.

Why Should You Watch this Movie:

With a passable plot and decent performances, Vaajlaach Paahije – Game Ki Shinema manages to entertain you. Catch it if you have nothing to do this weekend, and are looking for a masala potboiler.