Vazandar: Film Review – Zabardast Girl Power

Verdict: Vazandar makes you fall in love with your inner beauty.

Nowadays we hear a lot of cases of body shaming. Right from schools to the internet, no one is spared from this. You are either too thin or too fat, and you always get taunted for that in some or the other way. Since outer beauty is right there, visible for everyone to see, people usually fail to see beyond that. They judge a book by its cover. This has made a lot of people insecure about the way they look. And that has made them forget how naturally beautiful they are, irrespective of their size. Vazandar directed by Sachin Kundalkar, touches on this point and makes you see how superficial we have become in life.

Kaveri (Sai Tamhankar) is an independent woman from Pune, who gets married into a rich, orthodox family in Panchgani. After marriage, she says goodbye to her independence and gets trapped in her day-to-day married life, which mostly revolves around eating delicious food, wearing beautiful silk sarees, and doing basic household work. The only colorful thing in her life that keeps her madness alive is her best friend Pooja (Priya Bapat), who’s a bright, middle-class girl. Apart from staying in Panchgani, another thing that’s common between them is their weight, which they haven’t bothered to check in years.  

One day, when no one is around, they decide to go dancing at a club near their home. That day something happens that almost scars them for life. It begins with them getting extremely conscious about their weight, and it soon snowballs into a dieting disaster. In their journey to lose weight, they learn a lot about themselves and about the people around them. But in the end, it’s only up to them to do something about their weight. Will they ever be able to look beyond their physical appearances and accept who they really are? Watch Vazandar to find out.

Looking beautiful and achieving a size zero figure are the kind of issues that are haunting most of us, and it’s extremely wonderful to see a Marathi film being made on this topic. Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat form a deadly combo and they assure you that the two lead actresses can definitely churn out a hit; you really don’t need a hero for that. Chetan ChitnisSiddharth ChandekarSameer DharmadhikariChirag Patil, and Aditi Deshpande have also played out their roles very well. The only thing about the film that can be made better is its length. There were a couple of instances in the film that could have been cut short for a crisper runtime.

Why you should watch this movie:
Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat’s latest film, Vazandar will show you that beauty comes from within and it’s always wise to embrace it rather than fussing about your physical appearance. It is a must-watch for youngsters