Verdict: A Maharashtrian family drama that comes with a molten center.

No family is normal. Every family has issues. And when you are a part of a huge tightly-knit family, fights and arguments are bound to happen. Even with all the problems, happiness always manages to make an unexpected appearance, which somewhat helps you diffuse the tension. That’s when you realize the importance and meaning of love, relationships, and respect.

Seven days before Ganesh Chaturthi, the Karmerkar family starts prepping to welcome Lord Ganesh into their homes. In the midst of all the celebration and planning, the most unfortunate thing happens. The family’s most adored uncle, Gajanand Karmerkar’s condition gets critical and he gets rushed to the hospital. Moments after getting Gajju Kaka admitted in the hospital, the news is transmitted to everyone in the family, in villages or abroad. Everyone immediately starts panicking and heads to Mumbai to visit Gajju Kaka. Within a day, the waiting lounge of the hospital starts bustling with the Karmerkar family members and the wait begins.


Director Rajesh Mapuskar shows us the the peculiarities of a typical Maharashtrian family and how its members, even though they are miles apart, come together during a time of crisis. The story of this film is simple and it’s all about the chaos and the dialogues that take place between the family members while waiting in the hospital lounge. The way each and every character of the film is introduced, you will feel as if you are being introduced to a relative from your family. And right from the first scene onwards, you will become a part of the film and find yourself getting attached to its characters.

Ashutosh Gowariker comes in front of the camera after almost 18 years and his presence on the screen feels natural. Although, it would have been interesting to see him play a different character that's not an imitation of him in the real world. Cameos of Boman Irani and Priyanka Chopra are entertaining and well-placed in the film. The huge cast of all the Marathi A-list actors hold the film together and make you feel at home. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you plan to spend some quality time with your family, Ventilator is what you need to see. This film is loaded with emotions and some absolutely funny moments that will make you completely relate to the Karmerkar family.