Verdict: A never-seen-before concept that’s executed well.

Firebrand Sonalee Kulkarni is slaying it first with Hirkani and now with Vicky Velingkar. Directed by Saurabh Varma, this crime mystery looks interesting and we were definitely excited.

What’s Vicky Velingkar About:

Our titular character Vicky Velingkar (Sonalee Kulkarni) is an artist who creates comic books for a living. She has lost her parents and lives with her PUBG-vedi grandmother, who aspires to get to Crown level. Cool Grandma Velingkar (Rama Joshi) takes a lot of potshots at Vicky for shirking responsibilities and being lazy, overall. One day Vicky receives an anonymous gift – a watch – and before she can figure out who gave it, she gets a phone call from Inspector Salunkhe (Kettan Singh). Turns out her scientist friend Shrushti (Vanita Kharat) has committed suicide and the police want Vicky to come to her flat immediately. But Vicky smells foul play when she notices that her laptop is missing. With the help of her hacker friend Lucky (Sangram Samel), Vicky tries to get to the bottom of this. However, time is a messy thing and Vicky is stuck in an inexplicable time loop. It’s on Vicky to apply her mind and figure out what in the name of blazing tomatoes is happening to her.

What Works:

The concept of a time loop has been a tricky trope, as the yardstick for this is the Bill Murray starring cult classic Groundhog Day. While Vicky Vielingkar is a thriller-crime-mystery, it makes a good attempt at executing this concept. Right from Vicky’s frustration to her resolve towards the end to the logic behind the loop, the movie tries its best to explain everything without loopholes. You are just as confused as Vicky at the start and then things start getting clearer. The concept is super interesting and nothing like this has ever been done in Marathi cinema before, which gives the plot an exotic quality. Sonalee Kulkarni and Spruha Joshi give their best to their roles and are impressive. Rama Joshi is cute as the cool aaji. Kettan Singh, who plays Inspector Salunkhe, does a great job. Not only is his dialogue delivery impressive, but also his performance seems natural and easy. Certain jump scares do their job pretty well.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Vicky Velingkar takes time to get into the groove, as the first half spends a considerable amount of screentime explaining the concept. The characters seem a little superficial and underwritten.

Why You Should Watch:

After Hirkani, this is actress Sonalee Kulkarni’s second titular role and she is a champ. The movie works under an intriguing, never-seen-before premise in Marathi cinema and makes for an amusing one-time watch.