Yellow, an inspirational amalgamation of facts and fiction, tells the story of Gauri Gadgil – a ‘special child’ suffering from Down’s syndrome – who went on to being a swimming champion. With mother-daughter, and coach-student relationships at its crux, it not only appeals to us emotionally, but also to our resilience.

Gauri pulls it off well, having to play herself. Mrinal Kulkarni, brilliant as always, (like in Tujhyat Majhyta and A Rainy Day) plays the character at hand, the best. The plight and distress of a mother trying to effectively fit into the mould of a ’special mother’, and the readiness to do anything that puts a smile on her daughter’s face, is almost tangibly depicted by her. Hrishikesh Joshi, the pious uncle Shri, does not lose perfection even for a bit. On celluloid, this trio appears comfortable and connected enough to pass off a family for real, and that is nothing but commendable. Upendra Limaye is the assertive, dominating and rigid coach with a structure to his lessons that he denies changing for anybody, and he convinces us that he takes no prisoners! However, Upendra Limaye’s dialogue delivery could be better. In a couple of scenes, we find his words running into each-other, and he assumes a style of delivery that does not suit his character.

Mahesh Limaye deserves to be applauded for the deft direction he gives to the film, which is practically flawless. Everything, thanks to Gauri’s narrative voice-over that runs parallel as the plot progresses, flows glibly, with no hint of irrelevance or disheveled sequence. What adds onto the beauty of the film is its cinematography, which shrewdly takes away the credit for infusing enchantment in numerous scenes. However, the soundtrack fails to impress, for you barely take notice of it.

Why should you watch this movie?
A story, heartwarming in parts, heart aching in parts, executed and directed well, Yellow makes us question our theories, asking us to reconsider our deductions of the term ‘special child’, and take it by its literality.

By Shreya Mane

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