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25 KILLE: Film Review – A Tribute To Punjabi Cinema in the 90s

 Verdict:  A treat for Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh fans.
There used to be an era when Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh were the superstars of Punjabi cinema. They starred in a number of hit films together like Badla Jatti Da and Jor Jatt Da, among many. 25 KILLE brings together these two on screen after a hiatus. Their coming together on screen has increased curiosity to watch this film and as a result, viewers have high expectations from 25 KILLE. But sadly, the altercations between these two are few and far in between, which leaves the viewers yearning for more.
25 KILLE is a story about the relationship between land and a Jatt family of four
25 KILLE has its share of highs and lows. The introduction of the four brothers sets up the mood for the film and the viewer looks forward to the brothers who stand against all odds in their lives. The movie starts on a lighter note and takes an emotional turn as the truth behind their ancestral land and the death of their father unfolds. It showcases how the weak common four transform into the triumphant four. Here, there is an introduction of the villain (Yograj Singh) and the subsequent good-versus-evil fight. The bond shared between the brothers, the courtroom drama sequences and the climax are the highpoints of the film.

25 Kille Film Review - BookMyShow

25 KILLE disappoints at two places. Firstly, the romantic track (Ranjha Vikram SinghSonia Mann) looks forced into the screenplay and fails to generate emotions. Secondly, viewers are left deprived of high voltage dialogues between Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh. The two pillars of the film do not get enough scenes together as the primary focus is on Ransher, Ranjha Vikram Singh's character. Guggu Gill perfectly enacts the role of a responsible elder brother. He is a revelation and delivers a powerful performance. Yograj Singh successfully commands the viewer’s attention and emotes very well. He walks away with all the seetis and taalis from the masses with his few, but power-packed dialogues. Ranjha Vikram Singh (also co-producer of 25 KILLE) gets maximum screen space and needs to polish his acting skills. Jimmy Sharma, Sonia Mann and Sapna Bassi are decent in their roles.

Director Simranjit Singh Hundal fails to make optimum use of the acting talent he had on board. Nonetheless, he does full justice to the screenplay (Harish Gargi, Surmeet Maavi) in hand and has deftly executed a number of scenes in the movie. Jaidev Kumar’s music is soulful.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you are a Guggu Gill and a Yograj Singh fan, you do not need to think twice about watching this film. Individually, they have enough screen time to satisfy you. But if you are expecting sparks to fly when they come face to face with each other, then you would feel disappointed.

— By Gurlove Singh