Verdict: Sonam Bajwa shines in a role that’s tailor-made for her.

Pollywood is slowly but steadily growing as far as stories and new concepts are concerned. Ardab Mutiyaran is another fine example of a different story told in the most entertaining way possible. The trailer of the film did raise a few eyebrows as women-oriented subjects are not generally made in Punjab. But the hype multiplied as the release date came closer – thanks to the movie’s soundtrack, especially Sidhu Moosewala’s Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi. Does the film entertain as a whole? Let’s analyze.

What’s Ardab Mutiyaran About: 

An independent and strong-headed Amritsar di Jatti Babbu Bains (Sonam Bajwa) is a tomboy who doesn’t care about what the world thinks about her. She takes her own decisions, beats up goons when required and is a strong competitor in her professional life as well. But one day, she is married to a husband who wants her to lead a life according to him. Even his family disapproves of the way she leads her life. Will Babbu change her life for his partner or she stays the way she is?

What Works: 

Sonam Bajwa is on a roll. After portraying a strong woman’s role in Guddiyan Patole, she is back with another author-backed role in Ardab Mutiyaran. She naturally has that arbad in her persona which helps her sparkle on the big screen. She’s pretty, she’s smart and she’s strong. She knows that no one can give her power and she has to take charge, which is inspiring about her character.

The film starts off on a high with the characters being introduced one by one. Sonam’s antics keep the proceedings interesting. The story moves forward once the professional world is exposed and she is introduced to the characters Ninja, Mehreen and Ajay. The pace of the movie slows down when the romantic track starts but nothing that takes away from the narrative.

The second half is where Sonam is in absolute form. The small yet important nuances used from everyday life and amalgamated the same with Babbu Bains’ character are interesting and entertaining. The finale is well thought of and brings out the feeling of woman power with pride.

The film belongs to Sonam Bajwa and this is her career-best performance. She oozes confidence as Babbu Bains and looks dominating in every frame. Ninja tries to fit into a comic role after High End Yaarian and impresses yet again. Mehreen Kaur Pirzada looks pretty and acts well. Ajay Sarkaria makes a confident debut. BN Sharma, Sudesh Lehri and Upasana Singh provide the much needed comic relief.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The pace of the movie drops midway in the first half after the characters are introduced. The movie subscribes to a few clichés in the second half and the viewers can presume the proceedings with ease.

Why You Should Watch: 

Watch Ardab Mutiyaran for Sonam Bajwa’s flawless act. The film portrays women in an altogether different avatar. The ladies in the film are no more screen fillers but carry the whole movie on their shoulders with the men taking a backseat. Punjabi industry needs more scripts like these.