Verdict: Not your usual romantic flick.

Contract marriages have their own charm if the couple involved discover things about each other, fall in love, and ultimately realize that it is definitely a match made in heaven. Arjan is one such story wherein the protagonists get married to each other for their own personal interests, and eventually fall in love. Does this exciting plot convert into an interesting two-hour film? Let’s analyze.

Arjan is the story of a village boy Arjan (Roshan Prince), who is under the debt of the local sarpanch (Hobby Dhaliwal). To add to his woes, he needs more money for his sister’s medical treatment. Nimmi (Prachi Tehlan) wants to be in the good books of her uncle (Shivinder Mahal) so he would leave his wealth and property for her. Nimmi hence offers money to Arjan for a contract marriage; he agrees. Does Nimmi succeed in getting her uncle’s money or does Arjan pose new threats to her intentions, forms the rest of the story.

Arjan works in parts. It is not one of the usual romantic films. The constant clash of interests of the protagonists, their lure for money, the unending game of one-upmanship between them to win Mahal’s liking are vital points in the story. In the initial reels, Roshan’s continuous negotiation with Dhaliwal and Prachi keep the viewer’s interest alive and make this particular portion of the movie very enjoyable. In the second hour, Roshan’s strategy to win Mahal’s trust in order to become his heir is very believable, especially when he realizes that Prachi’s only interest is in Mahal’s money. But the change of hearts of the lead couple in the climax is rather abrupt and hard for the viewer to relate to. Besides that, there are a few cinematic liberties that are taken which cannot be ignored. To its credit, the movie moves quick and there’s never a dull moment. 

Arjan Film review

Roshan Prince puts his heart into the movie. He is a natural actor and does a fine job. He looks convincing as a man who is willing to do anything for money, always listens to his mind and ignores what his heart says. Prachi Tehlan is a decent actor and looks appealing on-screen. The pretty actress deserves to be seen more in Punjabi films. Shivinder Mahal is first-rate. Hobby Dhaliwal is proficient. B.N. Sharma and Nirmal Rishi are dependable, as always. 

Manduip Singh is saddled with a mediocre script. Given that, he manages to keep the viewer glued to the screen by blending greed for money, romance and drama. He teams up with Nihal Purba to write the screenplay and falters a bit since the romantic moments in the script of a movie that ends on a rather romantic note, take a back seat. The music (Jay K, Gurcharan Singh and Jaggi Singh) is average at best and Pyar Hoyi Janda Ae by Nooran Sisters is the best song of the album. The dialogues (Manduip Singh and Nihal Purba) seem natural and relatable. The Director of Photography (Najeeb Khan) does complete justice to the beautiful locales of Kuala Lampur as well as villages of Punjab.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Arjan is not the run-of-the-mill romantic movie. Go and watch Roshan Prince and Prachi Tehlan play games with each other and fight over money, and eventually fall in love. Watch it for a fresh story and Roshan Prince’s sincere acting.

– By Gurlove Singh