Verdict: Binnu-Ksshitij duo delivers yet another superior movie.

Bailaras is a special film in more ways than one. Firstly, it brings together actor Binnu Dhillon and director Ksshitij Chaudhary again after this year’s runaway hit Vekh Barataan Challiyan. Secondly, writer Jass Grewal’s stories are always looked forward to given their uniqueness. And lastly, Bailaras is the maiden venture of Binnu Dhillon as a producer. There’s enough hype surrounding the movie and viewers are expecting high-quality entertainment from this Binnu Dhillon-Prachi Tehlan-Dev Kharoud starrer. Do the makers succeed in delivering what they promised? Thankfully, yes!

What's Bailaras About:

Jagga (Binnu Dhillon) owns a belarus tractor (Bailaras) and is famous for winning tochan (tug of war between tractors) competitions in and around his village. The tractor is his prized possession and his entire life revolves around it. The only problem in his life is the constant pressure on him by his family to get married. Karma (Dev Kharoud) is jealous of his bailaras and wants to defeat him in a tochan competition by any means possible. Jagga falls in love with a film actress, Sonali (Prachi Tehlan) but Karma doesn't let him attain his goals. Will Jagga ever get the girl of his dreams? Will Karma ever be able to defeat him? 

What Works:

Bailaras starts off on an impressive note as Binnu wins the tochan competition and the viewer is in awe of the giant of a tractor, Bailaras. There is an instant connect of the viewer with the movie as rest of the cast is introduced and Binnu subsequently falls in love with Prachi. The entire track of Binnu falling for Prachi and ultimately realizing the truth about her is heart-wrenching. Whereas the first half of the movie is devoted to Binnu falling for Prachi, it's the latter half where the writer-director unleash the real story. This half is fast paced and keeps the viewer hooked on to their seats. There’s never a dull moment thereon.

A few scenes are so well written and executed that they deserve a special mention.

Opening tochan competition between Binnu Dhillon and Dev Kharoud.
When Binnu reveals to his family member what all he had done for Prachi. Hobby Dhaliwal’s reactions make it all the more special. 
Binnu’s meeting with Prachi’s father. Binnu Dhillon is brilliant in that scene.
The climax tochan competition is a hair-raising experience.

Binnu Dhillon delivers a towering performance. Jagga’s character is subdued and subtle, which is in complete contrast to the roles he has enacted in the past. But the powerful actor excels and delivers a career-best performance in Bailaras. Once the movie has ended, you cannot visualize any other actor playing Jagga. Prachi Tehlan is a revelation. Given the fact that it's her second movie, the pretty actress makes her presence felt even when she has veterans like Binnu and Dev around her. She is camera friendly and oozes confidence. Dev Kharoud is superb in a character that has grey shades. He looks and acts evil and delivers a superlative performance. After Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood, Bailaras would push him into the league of quality actors of Punjabi film industry. Hobby Dhaliwal is wonderful. Ravneet is decent in a brief role. Nirmal Rishi is at her usual best. Karamjit Anmol and Jaggi Dhuri provide adequate support. Rupinder Rupi and Tarsem Paul leave a mark.

Ksshitij Chaudhary’s earlier works have proved that he is a fine director. Add Bailaras to that impressive list. The director shows his stamp in a number of well-executed scenes and again presents an entertaining film. Making the viewer fall in love with a non-living object is not easy which the director and writer Jass Grewal succeeds at. Jass had earlier done that successfully in Bambukat as well. Bailaras will be another feather in Jass’s cap. Music is in sync with the movie. ‘Jigra’ and ‘Sindoori’ are the best of the lot, more because of the way they are filmed. DOP Jayanan Vincent does a fine job. The background score (Gurcharan Singh) is first rate. 

What could have been better:

Once the primary characters of the movie are introduced, the story of the movie stagnates. A majority of the first half is dedicated to Binnu’s character dreaming about Prachi, which gets uneasy for the viewer after a bit. Decreasing the length of this half by at least 10 minutes would’ve only enhanced the impact of the movie. Also, Ravneet’s track seems forced into the screenplay.

Why you should watch:

If you expect comedy (something that Binnu is famous for) from Bailaras, chances are you would be disappointed. Bailaras is a family entertainer with doses of romance. The movie deserves to be seen for the light-hearted moments of love that Binnu has for Prachi and Bailaras, his tractor. Prachi Tehlan, Dev Kharoud and especially Binnu Dhillon have performed brilliantly, which makes it an entertaining watch this weekend.

Gurlove Singh