Verdict: An engaging and realistic story told in a simple manner.

There’s no denying the fact that Bambukat has managed to garner pre-release hype. Right from the name of the movie, to its catchy promo and aggressive promotion by the star cast, the makers have made sincere efforts to take a route different from the mainstream Punjabi films being dished out nowadays. All of this combined, has raised expectations of the viewer enormously. Does Bambukat manage to deliver what it promises? Thankfully, the answer is YES!

The film is set in a small village in Punjab. Channan Singh (Ammy Virk) stars as a young man with two loves- the beautiful girl played by Pakko (Simi Chahal), and the bicycle he uses to ferry her around the countryside. But when the wealthy and handsome Binnu Dhillon arrives flaunting his brand new motorbike, it forces Channan to step up and upgrade his wheels or risk losing the love of his life.
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The premise of Bambukat is the game of one-upmanship. And that’s exactly where the film excels. There is a continuous emotional undercurrent running throughout the film between different characters. The stage is set at the very start of the film when Ammy Virk showers love on Simi Chahal, which is unusual for her as no one has ever praised her because of her wheatish complexion. The moments involving the lead couple where they are made to feel unfairly treated by the girl’s family leave you misty-eyed. The stunning chemistry between them is the highlight of the movie.

The film actually takes off when Binnu Dhillon’s character (brother-in-law of Ammy & Simi) enters the scene and his introduction in the story only elevates things. His continuous flaunting of his motorcycle, and demeaning Channan at every possible opportunity, makes proceedings interesting. The way Channan proves to everyone that he is no less than his brother-in-law, forms the rest of the story.

Ammy Virk is a revelation. He has proven that he chooses his scripts carefully. After portraying a brief but important role in Angrej and powerful role in Ardaas, he packs a solid punch in Bambukat. He has definitely grown as an actor. He is exceptional in the emotional scenes. In the moments when his brother-in-law actually downplays his deeds in the movie, your heart goes out to Channan, and that’s only because of Ammy Virk’s effective portrayal.

Simi Chahal is the surprise package in the movie. She gets a meaty role and enacts her part with utmost sincerity. The helplessness which she brings into her character because of discrimination by her parents and close relatives, mostly unintended, is very realistic. She makes a confident debut.
Binnu Dhillon is a seasoned actor and is brilliant in Bambukat. The conviction with which he carries off the evil streak in his personality is bound to be talked about in days to come. Amongst the supporting cast, Anita Devgan, Hobby Dhaliwal and Karamjit Anmol leave a mark.

Pankaj Batra gave a connective hit earlier this year in the form of Channo Kamli Yaar Di and delivered a huge hit 2 years ago, Goreyan Nu Dafa Karo. The director is in invincible form with Bambukat. He surpasses the quality of all his previous works. The way he takes us back in time into the world of Chanan and Pakko is commendable. He has deftly handled a number of scenes in the movie which show he has matured as a director. He does complete justice to the very different, relatable and well-written story by Jass Grewal. Even the screenplay (also by Jass Grewal) is flawless. Jatinder Lall’s & Jass Grewal’s dialogues are first rate and the one-liners are thoroughly enjoyable. Jatinder Shah’s music is completely in sync with the mood of the film but Bambukat lacks a chartbusting number. Vineet Malhotra’s cinematography gets distinction marks. At the box office, the hype surrounding Bambukat will help it in getting a good start and positive word-of-mouth should reap good profits for the producers.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Bambukat is an honest film which is convincing, relatable and high on emotions. Watch it for the brilliant chemistry between Ammy Virk & Simi Chahal, and the game of one-upmanship, revolving around a motorcycle (Bambukat), between Ammy Virk & Binnu Dhillon’s characters.

— By Gurlove Singh