Verdict: Yet another winner from the Smeep-Binnu-Bhalla-Ghuggi combo that has umpteen LOL moments.

First things first – if you are out to watch a film that stars Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, and Gurpreet Ghuggi, and is helmed by Smeep Kang, be assured that you would walk out of the theatres with a smile on your face. This team’s proven success record makes Band Vaaje even more keenly awaited amongst Punjabi cinegoers. The trailer of the film proved that the makers do not want to move away from their success mantra and stick to loud comedy. One word to define Band Vaaje – ENTERTAINING!

What’s Band Vaaje About: 

Inderjit Singh (Binnu Dhillon) lives in the UK with his elder brother (played by Smeep Kang) and grandmother (played by Nirmal Rishi), who is shown to be bigoted towards Pakistanis. Inder falls in love with Bilkis (Mandy Takhar) a Pakistani girl raised by a Punjabi family (consisting of Jaswinder Bhalla). Inder convinces Bilkis and her family for the marriage but the tougher part is to convince his grandmother. Do they succeed in hiding the facts from the grandmother or will the truth come out? Band Vaaje answers this question with many humorous events. 

What Works: 

Band Vaaje works due to its tight screenplay, dialogues filled with comic punches, and the lead cast’s performance. There’s never a dull moment throughout the movie. Each character is given equal importance, which eventually stands out in the film.

Band Vaaje starts off with a bang as Inder’s family is introduced. The grandmother’s hate for Pakistanis, Inder’s search for a bride, his entry into Bilkis’ home, and the sequences thereafter are thoroughly enjoyable. The dog scene right before the interval brings the house down.

The second half is even better than the first as all the characters come under one roof. Lies, confusion, and mayhem fly through the roof in the second hour of the film. The dialogues and sequences involving Jaswinder Bhalla and Nirmal Rishi are hilarious.

It’s difficult to judge who performs better than the other in Band Vaaje. The key characters – Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Nirmal Rishi are the lifeline of the film. They all have unmatched comic timing and deliver invincible performances. Mandy Takhar is first rate. Smeep Kang is effective in the scene where he beats up Bhalla’s son.

Band Vaaje has Smeep Kang’s stamp written all over it. The toughest art is to make people laugh and Smeep seems to have mastered the art of comedy. The film relies heavily on comic situations and funny dialogues, and Smeep has yet another winner in his swollen kitty of hit films.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The events in the two hours of the film do not conclude with the desired effect and the sudden change of heart for one of the primary characters towards the end seems unconvincing.

Why You Should Watch: 

Band Vaaje is a sweet dish for those who love the Smeep-Binnu-Bhalla-Ghuggi combo of movies. It has funny scenes, hilarious dialogues, humorous situations, laugh-worthy characters, and a pleasing story. This is the perfect movie to watch at the end of a long day when you just wish to leave logic behind and enjoy entertainment on the screen.