Verdict: This sequel to the 2012 blockbuster is a laughathon.
Inarguably, Carry On Jatta 2 is the most awaited movie of 2018. The reason is plain and simple – its prequel Carry On Jatta. The 2012 blockbuster redefined the norms of comedy for Punjabi cinema and has since been known as an epic in the drama/comedy genre. Carry On Jatta 2 has the same star cast, but a fresh storyline. The pre-release hype has been immense and is eagerly awaited by Punjabi cinegoers. Does Carry On Jatta 2 live up to the hype and expectations? The answer is a big and a bold YES!

What’s Carry on Jatta 2 About:

Carry on Jatta 2 picks up the fun where Carry on Jatta ends. The story follows Jass (Gippy Grewal), a happy-go-lucky orphaned guy, whose sole purpose in life is to go to Canada by hook or by crook. After numerous attempts of going to Canada and many taunts faced from his landlord, advocate Dhillon (Jaswinder Bhalla), and his best friend Goldy, Jass decides that marrying a Canadian girl is the only way he can fulfill his dream. Jass appoints his friend Honey to the task, who then introduces him to Meet (Sonam Bajwa), an NRI.

Jass succeeds in wooing Meet but the confusion begins to rise as he learns more about the particular qualities Meet wants in her future husband. What kind of tricks and sticky situations do Jass, Goldy, and Honey get themselves into throughout the quest of fulfilling Jass’s Canadian dream?.

What Works:

There are a number of things that are in favor of Carry on Jatta 2. To begin with, its the immensely likable camaraderie between the four pillars of the movie – Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, and Jaswinder Bhalla. Moreover, the confusions which these four men create between themselves and the comedy that comes out of it brings a laugh out loud moment after every few minutes.
Right from the first scene, the writer and director make sure that the audience is engaged in the proceedings. The funda is straight – throw logic out of the window and make the audience laugh. The flavor, essence, and treatment are exactly the same as Carry On Jatta.
Gippy Grewal delivers a flawless performance. He gets to enact a similar role as in Carry On Jatta and stays true to his character right from the very beginning. Gurpreet Ghuggi and Karamjit Anmol provide adequate laughs. But the showstoppers are Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla. They make sure that the viewers walk out of the cinema hall with a pain in their jaws. Sonam Bajwa is first rate. B.N. Sharma and Upasana Singh are decent.
Director Smeep Kang knows the taste of Punjabi audiences very well. He would have been under a lot of pressure as its difficult to match the success of Carry On Jatta. But the director has delivered a winner with Carry On Jatta 2.

What could have been better:

The music is a bit pale compared to the zeal of the movie. The songs seem to be placed abruptly.

Why you should watch:

Carry on Jatta 2, just like its prequel is a laugh riot. The movie provides enough ammo to make the viewers guffaw. Gippy Grewal, Jaswinder Bhalla, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, and B.N. Sharma, helmed by director Smeep Kang, make sure that the viewer gets more than his money’s worth. This one is strongly recommended.