Verdict: Gippy Grewal & Rana Ranbir deliver superlative performances in Daaka.

How far will you go to win over the love of your life? Gippy Grewal leaves no stone unturned to get the girl he loves in Daaka – a movie based on a bank robbery. This action-comedy has been extensively promoted by Gippy and his co-star Zareen Khan. There’s no denying the fact that Daaka is one of the most awaited Punjabi films of 2019. Even the trailer won the hearts of millions of viewers who were eagerly waiting for the film’s release. Now that it’s in theatres, does Daaka manage to live up to the expectations and high standards that it has set for itself? Let’s analyze.

What’s Daaka About: 

Shinda (Gippy Grewal) wants to marry the girl of his dreams (Zareen Khan). But her father wants his daughter to marry someone wealthy enough to take care of her future. In an effort to win him over, Shinda sells his house and is about to hand over the money to Zareen’s father. But he changes his plans at the last moment and gives the money to his friend Balli (Rana Ranbir) instead, who needs it for his daughter’s operation. Shinda and Balli decide to loot a bank in order to make more money. After successfully managing the bank robbery, they come face to face with local goon named Sukhchain Singh (Hobby Dhaliwal). Do they manage to get away with the loot? Does Shinda finally marry the woman of his dreams? Watch Daaka to find out!

What Works: 

The best part about Daaka is that it is super entertaining. Although the story is a bit clichéd, the writer and director have handled the plot in a way to make the film thoroughly enjoyable. Each frame of the movie stands out and Daaka is inarguably one of the best-shot Punjabi movies ever.

The film starts off on a high with Gippy and Zareen’s on-screen romance and the subsequent problems in their journey of love. The chemistry between the lead actors is nostalgic as it brings back memories of the immensely likable Jatt James Bond. Daaka escalates the moment Shinda and Balli plan to loot the bank. The proceedings become even more interesting as both of them are amateurs in the business of bank robbery. The entire track inside the bank involving their characters and the addition of Baninder Bunny and Shehnaaz Gill is hilarious and brings the house down. The story takes many twists and turns, keeping the viewers hooked to the screen.

The second half has a few rough patches but soon picks up, thanks to the interesting dialogues. The way Shinda gets into trouble and finds solutions to his problems is heroic and a treat for his fans. The culmination of the story is apt and brings a smile to the viewers’ faces.

Gippy Grewal is in full form in Daaka. He carries the film on his shoulders and shines among the rest of the cast. He convincingly makes you feel for Shinda’s troubles. Zareen Khan looks ravishing but gets relegated to the back seat as far as the meatiness of the role is concerned. Rana Ranbir provides adequate support to Gippy and his performance packs a punch. Baninder Bunny is first-rate. His character keeps shifting from rude to funny to scared. Hobby Dhaliwal and Shehnaaz Gill are noteworthy. Director Baljit Singh Deo delivers a highly entertaining film and does complete justice to Gippy Grewal’s superb script.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The only blemish in Daaka is the clichéd reason for looting the bank. The makers could have come up with a more interesting backstory here. The film also lacks originality in songs as most of the film’s tracks are a recreation of blockbusters that released a couple of years ago. 

Why You Should Watch: 

Daaka is an interesting story that has been narrated stylishly. The film is absolutely entertaining. Watch it for Gippy Grewal and Rana Ranbir’s unmatchable chemistry and comic timing. The film has everything – love, thrill, violence, colorful songs and more. It cannot be denied that Daaka is a complete package.