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Daana Paani: Film Review – An Emotional Mother-Daughter Saga

Verdict: The script is the real hero of Daana Paani.

Jimmy Shergill’s previous movie Jindua (2017) was well accepted by the viewers. Simi Chahal is fresh from the success of Golak Bugni Bank te Batua. The writer-director combo of Jass Grewal and Tarnvir Singh Jagpal had previously made the critically acclaimed as well as commercially successful Rabb Da Radio. This talented team has now come together for Daana Paani. The trailer takes us back to the 1960’s and intrigues the viewers to watch the movie. 

What’s Daana Paani About:

A period drama set in the 1960s, Daana Paani tells the story of Hav. Mehtaab Singh and Basant Kaur. An errand to a Punjabi village to meet the family of his martyred comrade takes an unexpected turn for Mehtaab, when he meets and falls for Basant. The repercussions of this fateful encounter will change their lives and those of the people around them forever.

What Works:

Daana Paani is an emotional story of a mother and daughter who are forced to live apart from each other. The movie beautifully brings forth the varied emotions that the mother and daughter go through during their lifetime. The first half of the movie establishes each character of the movie and lays the foundation for the drama in the second hour. The viewer’s heart goes out to the young girl who is forced to stay away from her mother. Although Simi’s character makes an entry late into this half, it’s the script and Jimmy’s character that holds your attention.

The second half is where all the action begins. The whole build-up towards revealing of Jimmy’s identity is well written and executed. Once the family comes to know Jimmy’s real identity, the film escalates. The penultimate reels where mother and daughter meet each other leaves the viewer’s moist-eyed.

Jimmy Shergill brings out the apt maturity that was required by the character. He breathes life into Mehtaab Singh’s role and emotes mostly through his eyes. Simi Chahal has proven her acting abilities in the past and once again shines as Basant Kaur. She brings a certain amount of calmness to her role which defines the tornado of emotions that she had hidden inside her since childhood. Her outburst, in the end, takes your heart away. Gurpreet Ghuggi gets to play a character which tests his acting prowess and he impresses one and all. 

Director Tarnvir Singh Jagpal has made a superior film. He takes a brilliant script (Jass Grewal) and does complete justice to the story. It takes guts to choose a non-comic script in an industry that relies heavily on comedy. Every frame and every shot in the movie makes you sit up and applaud the young director.

What could have been better:

The overall pace of the movie is a bit on the slower side. But with a total runtime of under 1 hour 43 minutes, it does not hamper the overall impact of the movie. Also, the second half tends to become a bit predictable. 

Why you should watch:

Daana Paani is one of the most beautiful, calm, and emotional movies to come out of Punjabi industry. This is a must watch for families, especially for mothers and daughters. Watch it for a brilliant display of emotions and the superior acting by Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jimmy Shergill, and Simi Chahal. Take some tissues along.

– By Gurlove Singh