Verdict: Super team Diljit-Anurag take the film to dizzy heights.

Super Singh is arguably the most awaited Punjabi movie of 2017. The superstardom of Diljit Dosanjh, the catchy promos, the addictive music and the aggressive promotion by the star cast has managed to garner immense pre-release hype for Super Singh. Another thing that makes Super Singh special is that it is the first ever super-hero film being attempted in Punjabi film industry. The makers have made sincere efforts to take a different route from the mainstream Punjabi films being dished out nowadays. The scale, the budget, the characters; all accumulate to raise enormous craze for the movie. On a parallel track, the expectations attached to the film have grown manifold. Does Super Singh manage to deliver what it promises? Thankfully, the answer is YES!

Sajjan Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) is a student in Montreal, Canada and is in love with a Canadian girl, Kathy (Alexandra Bandean). Sajjan’s best friend, Twinkle (Sonam Bajwa) loves him but does not express it to him. Sajjan gets blessed with superpowers and starts helping the poor and the needy. But this blessing comes with threats to him and his family. Does Sajjan make use of his superpowers and eliminate the tribulations of the society? Does Sajjan chase Kathy or realize Twinkle’s feelings for him? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

One of the most expensive films produced in Punjabi film industry, Super Singh retains the trademark superhero story of noble versus sinful. The essence remains the same like that of any superhero flick of Hollywood or Bollywood, i.e. the superhero has to save the people from evil. But the writers make sure that they present a story that Punjabi audiences can relate to. The difference lies in the fact that the director amalgamates the typical Punjabi/Sikh emotions with technology and hence makes Super Singh a winner all the way.

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The movie starts off with a bang as the director wastes no time in introducing the antagonists and their intentions, and subsequently assigning powers to Diljit. The interactions between Diljit and Sonam are straight out of life and their continuous cat and mouse fights are sure to bring the house down. The entire episode of Diljit realizing his superpowers and his exchanges with ‘Ustad’ entertain and keeps the viewer hooked on to the proceedings.

The second half works in parts. The emotional quotient is high, but it’s the predictability factor of the script which goes against the movie. As a viewer, halfway through the film, you know what the antagonists are after. Also, the pace slightly drops in this hour. However, the pre-climax and the final reels provide adequate momentum and bring the movie back on track. The writers and director have incorporated several clap-worthy dialogues and high-on-emotion scenes which make the proceedings even more interesting and relatable.

Diljit Dosanjh is a superstar. His performance in Super Singh consolidates the reason why he has attained that status. He is in almost every frame in the movie, and carries the film on his shoulders with aplomb. Comedy comes naturally to him, but he is exceptional in emotional scenes as well. Two scenes deserve a special mention as they have been outstandingly performed and wonderfully directed – first, where he pleads guilty to God for trying to get his hair cut; and second, the hospital scene when his mother gets shot in the arm.

Sonam Bajwa is a revelation. Having performed subdued roles until now, she rediscovers herself. Although, matching upto Diljit’s energy is a herculean task, nowhere does she look restrained. She delivers an impactful performance. Pawan Malhotra is first rate too. Alexandra Bandean looks cute and acts decently.

Anurag Singh is undoubtedly the most blessed directors of Punjabi film industry. This is the fifth time he teams up with Diljit, and they both make a lethal combination. His hold on emotional scenes is apparent in every venture, but in Super Singh, it’s the marriage of content and VFX is what sets it apart from his previous directorial ventures. He makes sure that the film looks at par with its Hollywood and Bollywood contemporaries as far as VFX is concerned. And he does not depend on VFX alone, but also integrates a fine script, which is high on fun, emotions, laughter, pride and also a message to the rich and powerful. Anurag, alongwith writer Dheeraj Rattan, make sure that every frame is authentic and manage to add immense value to the project. Their out of the box thinking of Super Singh’s actions is unmatched.

Dialogues (Jagdeep Singh, Rupinder Inderjit and Anurag Singh) are the mainstay of the movie. The dialogue writers deserve a special mention. Editing (Manish More) is first rate. DOP (Anshul Chobey) wonderfully captures the locales of Canada. VFX Supervisor (Chandrashekhar Thanvi) has done superior work. The music (Jatinder Shah) is already a rage with the youth.

Why should you watch this movie:

First and foremost, watch it for the bravura performance of Diljit Dosanjh. Secondly, for a fresh concept of a superhero in a Punjabi film. The combination of fun and emotions make this movie a must watch. Watch your own Sardaarji transform into Super Singh and take the film to dizzy heights. A sure shot winner!

– By Gurlove Singh