It seems as if Diljit Singh Dosanjh and Anurag Singh are the newest unstoppable duo in Punjabi cinema. Disco Singh, their latest collaboration, might just have cemented their reputation as the faces of Punjabi rom-coms.

Disco Singh follows Lattu (Diljit Singh Dosanjh), a struggling singer who runs an orchestra called Disco Singh. The only things that keep him going are his dreams of a successful musical career and the model Sweety (Surveen Chawla). Lattu is overjoyed when the local don Bhupinder Singh (Manoj Pahwa) offers him some work at an event. Why? Well, the special guest is none other than Sweety! Bhupinder’s wife (Upasna Singh) is enraged when a paparazzi picture of her husband and Sweety makes its way into the newspapers. Since Lattu also happens to be in the picture, Bhupinder tells her that Sweety and Lattu are a couple. In order to keep his wife from learning the truth, Bhupinder threatens the two to pretend to be a couple. Naturally, confusion and chaos follow, leading to hilarious outcomes!

The movie’s strongest point is undoubtedly the acting. Diljit Singh Dosanjh delivers a remarkable performance in the film. He is charming and endearing in his portrayal of the naive, but well-intentioned Lattu. In fact, Diljit pretty much carries the movie on his shoulders. Surveen Chawla, who plays Sweety, also delivers a noteworthy performance, especially compared to her previous works. Her character’s sarcasm and witty quips nicely complement Lattu’s innocence and more overt humor. Manoj Pahwa and Upasna Singh also have a rapport that is bound to make the audience laugh out loud!

However, the performances are hindered by the script which could certainly benefit from a few edits. Though Disco Singh has its share of funny one-liners, almost all of them are repeated multiple times in the film. What’s worse? Some of these happen to be lines that we’ve already heard in the trailers. The actors make us laugh with their comic timing, but the same line can only be funny so many times.

Another thing that makes Disco Singh worth watching is the soundtrack. Beautiful Billo and Disco Singh, in particular, will get your feet tapping. Almost all of the songs are sung by Diljit, and are just as catchy as his hits like Proper Patola! In fact, you might just find yourself humming them after you’ve watched the movie! Though a casual viewer might not enjoy the number or length of the songs, fans of Punjabi pop are surely going to love them!

Inspite of its high entertainment value, Disco Singh has its flaws. The movie, which goes on for almost two and a half hours, could definitely have been shorter. Though the first half passes quickly, the second half drags. This is made worse by the repetition of jokes and one-liners. To add to this, some of the plot points seem unnecessary. The arc with newcomer Apoorva Arora, in particular, feels really unnecessary for the most part.

The movie also fails to flesh out some of the supporting characters. Though this happens with a lot of films, it’s especially disappointing in Disco Singh, where some of the characters feel like human punchlines. The stereotypical and offensive character portrayed by B. N. Sharma also leaves a bitter aftertaste for the audience.

Why should you watch this film?
Disco Singh
is an entertaining, albeit slightly silly movie. It makes for great weekend viewing, especially because the whole family can enjoy it! The best part of the movie? It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which keeps it from becoming preachy or annoying. To add to this, the acting and the soundtrack are remarkable, making it a must watch for fans of the genre!

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