Verdict: Amrit Maan’s conviction and Karamjit’s comedy make it a comfortable watch.

Do Dooni Panj has everything going in its favor prior to its release. An interesting concept, a catchy trailer, popular soundtrack and backing of first time producer Badshah, Do Dooni Panj has managed to generate decent hype. It’s hard to pull off novel concepts and transform them into entertaining cinema. Have the makers of Do Dooni Panj managed to satisfy the viewer’s expectations? Let’s analyze.

What’s Do Dooni Panj About:

Jagseer Singh (Amrit Maan) finds it hard to find a job after completing Ph.D. In spite of being excellent at studies, he is jobless and is thus turned away by his parents and girlfriend (Isha Rikhi). He realizes that it’s the educational authorities who are to be blamed for his state today. As a result, he seeks a refund from his school authorities and files a court case. But his tutors do everything in their power to curb this lawsuit and defeat Jagseer. Can he win an already lost battle?

What Works:

Do Dooni Panj has its soul at the right price. The movie has an immensely interesting and novel story-line which makes the movie a winner. The story is absolutely relatable wherein a regular college pass-out fails to find a job and in return challenges the education institutions. The movie is a commentary on the schools and colleges who conduct themselves as a money-making business rather than concentrating on imparting quality education to students. The issues that the movie raises make you sit up and notice the protagonist’s plight.

The first half of Do Dooni Panj is dedicated to the protagonist trying hard to find a job after completing Ph.D. His family, friends and to an extent even his girlfriend makes him realize that there is no value of a person who does not have a stable job. The situations and circumstances force him to file a court case against the school authorities to refund the money he invested for 12 years.

The second half is all about the teachers versus Amrit Maan court case. The teachers try to prove that Amrit is not intelligent and that’s the reason he was unable to find a job for himself. The movie concludes on a high with the makers hinting a sequel to it.

Amrit Maan is in full form in Do Dooni Panj. He carries off the various shades of his character with ease. Isha Rikhi looks pretty but her role is short. Karamjit Anmol gets the best one-liners and brings the house down. Harry Bhatti has chosen an excellent concept.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film has a few loose ends. A few sequences don’t seem to add value to the film. A couple of comedy scenes seem forced.

Why You Should Watch:

Do Dooni Panj should be seen for its eye-opening storyline and the broad treatment given to it. The movie is Amrit Maan’s best work so far and Karamjit Anmol’s comic timing is impeccable.