Verdict: A good concept presented with a few comedic punches. 

Multi hero concepts are the in-thing in Pollywood now. Gidarh Singhi joins this league with two well-known singers-cum-actors Ravinder Grewal and Jordan Sandhu, along with Karn Mehta. The trailer of the film received mixed reviews from the viewers but Jordan fans were hopeful that he will deliver a hit after his appreciable cameo in Kala Shah Kala. Does Gidarh Singhi manage to entertain the audience? Let’s analyze.

What’s Gidarh Singhi About:

Bittu (Jordan Sandhu) and Lucky (Karn Mehta) are brothers who own a roadside dhaba and desperately want it to become a success so that their needs are fulfilled. But destiny has other things planned for them. Bittu is also an aspiring singer. His vocals are recorded by a record label but passed on to another singer Satti (Ravinder Grewal), who is extremely influential. Can Bittu reveal to the world that the vocals that everyone loves are his and can Bittu and Lucky collectively put an end to their family’s financial problems?

What Works:

On paper, Gidarh Singhi is a very interesting story of two brothers trying hard to make the restaurant business a success. As the characters are introduced one by one, it grabs your attention as the audience is instantly involved in the proceedings. Jordan’s problems and helplessness to make things right for his family are showcased in the first few reels of the movie.

The first half of Gidarh Singhi is packed with light-hearted comic punches. The interactions between Jordan and Ravinder Grewal are fictitious, yet hilarious. The love stories (Jordan-Rubina and Karn-Saanvi) keep the viewers entertained.

The story moves in the second hour as the brothers manage to make things work for their dhaba. As soon as things are sorted, the writers throw in new challenges for them. But the story takes another route as Grewal generates love interest in Rubina. The finale brings together all the characters and will send you smiling back home.

Jordan Sandhu delivers a sincere performance in Gidarh Singhi. His helplessness is well justified and he earnestly looks Bittu in every sense. Ravinder Grewal is perfect as an aspiring singer who does not have enough talent. He honestly performs his part. Rubina Bajwa and Saanvi Dhiman also give first-rate performances.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film seems to lose its focus somewhere midway. The film gets a bit confusing with a number of tracks going on in the film.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Gidarh Singhi for Jordan Sandhu and Ravinder Grewal’s heartfelt performances and also for its melodious music. The film has a few comic punches which will have you genuinely laughing with its hilarity.