Verdict: An engaging second half makes this movie worth a watch.

Being touted as the first Punjabi film based around women, Hard Kaur is a story of five Kaurs who take on a wealthy businessman’s son. Although the movie does not have a star’s face on the posters, there was something in the trailer that made the viewers sit up and take notice. The trailer revealed the plight of women in Punjab through a courtroom drama. The lawyer’s outburst and the dialogue ‘Mera vi naa ae Amarjit Kaur’ raises the bar and increases the excitement to watch the movie. Does Hard Kaur manage to make you feel for the 5 Kaurs? Yes, but in parts.

What’s Hard Kaur About:

Sirat Kaur (Deana Uppal) is being harassed by Randeep Rana (Chetanya Kanhai), who is a wealthy businessman’s son. In an ugly event, Randeep kills Satwant Kaur (Nirmal Rishi) who was trying to help Sirat. Randeep blames Sirat for the murder and she is arrested. Can Advocate Amarjeet Kaur (Drishtii Grewal) and Sirat’s friend Laila Kaur (Neet Mahal) bring justice to Sirat?

Hard Kaur Movie review -BookMyShow

What Works:

On the outset, the makers of Hard Kaur should be lauded for the effort to choose such a theme that requires social attention. It takes guts to write and execute a project like this one and ultimately bring it to celluloid. Bravo team, Hard Kaur! On paper, Hard Kaur would be one of the most promising premises. As a viewer, your heart goes out to the five Kaurs who unite and take on the bad guys. But when translated on screen, the movie can be divided into two contrasting halves. The second holds most of your attention. Let's talk about the plusses first. 

Chetanya Kanhai’s portrayal of an evil young man, who is always in hunt of new prey, is wonderfully defined and enacted. Right from the first scene until the last, the viewer only feels hatred for the antagonist. When he sets his eyes on Deana, you know that her happy life is going to end soon. Nirmal Rishi’s act of a savior for Deana just before the interval deserves a special mention. The courtroom drama that follows the murder is gripping. The rally of allegations that Chetanya and Deana’s advocates throw at each other keeps the viewers hooked on to the proceedings. Even the finale of the movie is well-written and executed. The culmination of the murder case is apt.

Hard Kaur Movie review -BookMyShow

Nirmal Rishi is wonderful as Satwant Kaur. She should’ve been given a meatier role in place of a special appearance. Drishtii Grewal is a revelation. The actor has given her 100% to the role and enacts wonderfully. The thunderous applause that she gets after ‘Mera vi naam ae Amarjit Kaur’ proves her mettle as an actor. She should be seen more often in Punjabi cinema. Chetanya Kanhai is a wonderful actor. His character invites dislike from the viewer and that’s a victory for an actor. Neet Mahal is another talented actor, who looks pretty and enacts wonderfully, more so towards the latter part of the movie.

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie starts off on a weak note. The initial half an hour is devoted to introducing Deana and Chetanya’s characters. The pace of the film is drastically slow in the first hour. The only gripping part is the bus sequence just before the interval. But the second half picks up and renews the viewer's interest in the movie.

Hard Kaur Movie review -BookMyShow

Why You Should Watch:

Hard Kaur should be watched for two basic reasons. First, it’s courageous to showcase the story of women in a male-dominated society. Not every day do you see Punjabi films where women are playing the hero’s role. Second, Drishtii Grewal’s outburst against the lawyer and the society is worth applauding.

— Gurlove Singh