Verdict: Parmish Verma shines bright and proves he’s the real champion of Punjabi cinema.

Most Punjabi films tend to stay true to their genre. Some are romantic, some action-based, and most of them are comedy. But rarely is a film in this industry a complete drama. Jinde Meriye is one such film that caters to almost all emotions. Parmish Verma fans, it’s time to rejoice. This movie will prove to be not only the first blockbuster of the year but also of Parmish’s career.

What’s Jinde Meriye About: 

Yadwinder Singh aka Yaadi (Parmish Verma) carries a non-serious attitude towards life and is shown wasting away his youth. He is in love with Rehmat (Sonam Bajwa) who is a sincere and innocent girl. But Yaadi believes in earning money through shortcuts, making his relationship tense with Rehmat’s father. Thus, he asks his daughter to choose between her family and her love. While Yaadi makes no attempts to mend his ways, Rehmat chooses her family and they shift to Scotland. Upon losing her, Yaadi realizes the error of his ways and wishes to win Rehmat’s heart once again. Meanwhile, Rehmat has to choose between him and another young man her father has chosen for her.

What Works: 

Jinde Meriye is a one-man show from the very first frame. Right from his introduction, Parmish Verma owns the film like a boss. The first hour is extremely engaging and his camaraderie with Sonam Bajwa stands out. The comic scenes with Yaadi and his friends, his love-hate relationship with his parents, and the lovey-dovey scenes with his girlfriend are thoroughly entertaining. In the way the story moves forward towards the interval, the viewer can sense the tension that is going to rise between Yaadi and Rehmat’s father.

The story in the second half moves to Scotland, where Sonam is introduced to Yuvraj Hans‘ character and Yaadi, now known as ‘Champion’, gets entangled with drug traffickers. Although major screentime is devoted to this side-story, there’s a strong undercurrent of love in this hour as well. The scene where Yaadi meets Rehmat for the first time in Scotland outside her house deserves a special mention for its writing and execution. The finale, although expected, is apt and seems like the eventual conclusion to the story. But don’t miss the twist in the last frame.

Parmish Verma is a star. He has proven that given a good story, he can carry the film on his broad shoulders. His acting skills are improving with each film and he’s definitely the superstar of tomorrow. He is equally confident while doing comedy, romance, action and also the difficult emotional outbursts. Sonam Bajwa is a seasoned performer. She sparkles in every frame she is in and matches Parmish’s performance in every way. Ravinder Mand entertains while Hobby Dhaliwal is first-rate.

Pankaj Batra bounces back in style. The veteran director chooses a story that caters to a large audience and does complete justice to the script in hand. Punjabi viewers expect more such films from him.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

In a couple of places, the film takes lots of cinematic liberties, which are hard to digest. Examples include Yaadi getting a UK visa overnight or carrying drugs in his bag undetected at the Indian as well as British airports. Additionally, Yaadi’s sudden change of heart at the hospital and him walking away freely seems like the writer has taken the audience’s mind for granted.

Why You Should Watch: 

Jinde Meriye is a complete film with drama, emotions, comedy, action, love, heartbreak et al. Watch it for Parmish and Sonam’s flawless performances. The film also has beautiful locales of Scotland that are visually striking. Jinde Meriye is a sure-shot blockbuster.