Verdict: A revenge saga that works in parts.

An ugly childhood can leave a scar for life. These words hold true for Jora 10 Numbaria. Helmed by Amardeep Singh Gill, starring Deep Sidhu, Hobby Dhaliwal, Yaad Grewal and Dharmendra, Jora 10 Numbaria promises to be a violent revenge drama packed with some high voltage dialogues. Touted as a movie that is inspired by true events, does Jora 10 Numbaria live up to the viewers' expectations? Let’s analyze. 

Jora 10 Numbaria chronicles the journey of Zorawar Singh, better known as Jora (Deep Sidhu), who faces hardships as a kid. He grows up to become a dreaded gangster. Jora is supported by Deepa (Yaad Grewal)  and Teja (Hobby Dhaliwal). With time, the differences crop up and friends become foes. Jora, who wishes to rule Bathinda, is backstabbed. How he manages to reach his goals, forms the rest of the story.

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Jora 10 Numbaria is explosive and violent from the very beginning. The initial reels are heart-rending as the kid loses his mother. The story in the first half goes back and forth as the director aims to relate young Jora’s actions with his childhood. This is where the film loses its grip. After the first half an hour, the film’s graph goes down and ultimately succumbs. The entire track of Jora becoming a goon and eventually, a gangster, which should have been the mainstay of the movie, borders on being dull and seems stretched. Although the writing is a little weak in the first hour, the direction is the saving grace as a number of sequences are deftly executed

The second hour is in strong contrast to the first one. The aimless Jora, who is on a killing spree in the first hour, finally knows what he wants from life and this ends the confusion in the viewer’s mind as well. There’s pretty much happening in this hour as friends turn enemies, Jora becomes the talk of the town, gets backstabbed, falls in love, and also there are murders, bloodshed, and violence. A few nuances in the story are hidden well from the audience, which are revealed in the climax.

Deep Sidhu is the lifeline of the movie. The young actor who had a rather forgettable debut in Guddu Dhanoa’s Ramta Jogi, looks refreshed and an improved version of himself. He enacts the title role and does full justice to the director’s vision of the character. He displays various emotions throughout and has worked really hard on his looks and appearance as Jora. This movie should escalate him to fame and he should be seen more often in Punjabi films. Hobby Dhaliwal gets to enact the role of a lifetime. He is completely in sync with the character. Yaad Grewal is first-rate as Jora’s confidante. Dharmendra is dependable in a cameo. Sardar Sohi impresses yet again. Mukul Dev deserved a meatier role. 

Director Amardeep Singh Gill is an immensely talented artist. Although he has been attached to theatre all his life, this is his directorial debut in films. He has gleefully dared to defy the norms and conventions of Pollywood, and that’s where he deserves brownie points. He had a great story in hand, but a stronger script could've done wonders (Amardeep himself has written the movie). The climax scene between Deep Sidhu and Hobby Dhaliwal justifies the true talent of this wonderful craftsman. Action (Salam Ansari) involves fist fights, sword fight and guns. Action lovers would cherish Jora 10 Numbaria. Music (Sachin Ahuja, Sunny Bawra, Inder Bawra) is average. The title track by Gippy Grewal is the best of the lot. The background score (Sunny Bawra, Inder Bawra) is impressive. Editing (Hardik Singh Reen) should have been crisper. The movie would have been more impactful had the movie been a good 10-15 minutes shorter.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch the movie to witness Jora’s story of how he became a local goon and eventually a gangster. The movie has some brilliantly executed scenes. Deep Sidhu’s portrayal of Jora leaves an impact on the viewer’s mind.

-By Gurlove Singh