Verdict: Deep Sidhu is back as a more lethal, deadlier and baneful Jora.

Jora 10 Numbria when released was regarded as a breakthrough film in terms of its treatment of the subject. It takes strong courage to execute a sequel to films like Jora 10 Numbaria. Kudos to team Jora, especially director Amardeep Singh Gill for showing guts to make this film. Besides the success of the prequel, Jora The Second Chapter has another reason to pull the audience into the cinema halls – Singga. The braveheart singer makes his debut in this film. Do the makers manage to pull off the subject or do they stumble in the sequel? Let’s analyze.

What’s Jora: The Second Chapter About:

Jora (Deep Sidhu) is no longer a local gangster now. He wants to rule Punjab and starts from Chandigarh. He has plans to become a political leader. But success also brings in fresh enemies. This time its Dharambir (Guggu Gill) and Singga (Singga). How Jora overcomes the obstacles and rises to new heights forms the rest of the story.

What Works:

Deep Sidhu is back with a vengeance. Jora The Second Chapter is exactly like its prequel – a web woven around gangsters and politicians. But it’s the treatment yet again that stands out. For those who are interested in Punjab’s politics and the goons running the scene, Jora The Second Chapter is the perfect watch this week.

The film starts off from where the previous one ended. Jora is a wounded tiger who is now ready to rule the jungle. The writers make sure that they introduce all the characters one by one and the battle starts right at the start of the film. The viewer can feel the tension building up between the two parties. The constant attacks on Deep and Singga’s strategies to eliminate Deep are the highpoints of the first half.

The second hour tends to race towards a culmination. The political battle, the manipulations, and murders keep the viewer glued on to the proceedings. But somewhere during pre-climax, the viewer realizes that the story isn’t going to end here and makers will make another chapter of Jora’s life.

The film belongs to Deep Sidhu. The young actor gives the film his one hundred percent and will be lauded for his performance. He talks through his eyes and expressions. Singga makes a confident debut. He stands tall even in front of a seasoned actor like Guggu Gill. He will definitely grow as an actor after a couple of films. Mahie Gill is decent. Dharmendra makes his presence felt. Guggu Gill impresses with his Haryanvi accent. Yaad Grewal is dependable. Director Amardeep Singh Gill has a unique storytelling style. He makes another thriller will be known for the way it was narrated.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film suffers on the writing front as it tends to show too many aspects in two hours. The sub-plots happen and vanish too quickly. Similarly, there are too many characters and the writer-director fails to do justice to any, except Jora.

Why You Should Watch:

Jora The Second Chapter is for those who love Punjab politics and gangster films. Deep Sidhu is in an emphatic form while Singga makes an impressive debut. Go watch mind games being played by politicians against each other and limit being crossed by them to achieve what they want.