Kaka Ji: Film Review – The Perfect 90s Love Story

Verdict: Dev Kharoud’s attempt as a romantic hero entertains.

When an action star tries to romance on screen, things do not always go hunky-dory. Dev Kharoud’s attempt as a romantic hero is out in the form of Kaka Ji. The trailer and the songs hinted that Kaka Ji is going to be more romance and less action, something that is not often seen in Dev’s movies. Do Dev Kharoud and director Mandeep Benipal succeed in changing Dev’s fans’ perspective? Let’s analyze.

What’s Kaka Ji About:

Vadda, more prominently known as Kaka Ji (Dev Kharoud) falls in love with Deepi (Aarushi Sharma). The duo spend a lot of time together and decide to get married. But when Deepi goes back home, she is forcefully engaged to someone else. Kaka Ji gets to know this and decides to get Deepi back into his life. With the help of a friend, he manages to meet Deepi but is turned away by her. How Kaka Ji gets married to Deepi forms the rest of the story.

What Works:

Actor Dev Kharoud and director Mandeep Benipal had made a perfect recipe for masala action entertainers in their previous attempts. Kaka Ji is a big risk taken by the makers as they have taken an altogether different route. But the duo gets thumbs up from the audience.

Set in the 1990s, the movie is engaging and entertaining. But it is the Kaka Ji’s dialogues that are the soul of the movie. The makers have kept the proceedings as desi as possible keeping in mind Dev’s fan following and this is what clicks with the viewers. The action scenes thrown in the screenplay are a treat for Dev’s fans.

The first half is where the romance between the lead pair is established. The comic sequences are the mainstay. The second half is where the movie takes a serious turn when Aarushi gets engaged to someone else. But the writer and director make sure that the proceedings do not get too serious or sad and keep it light with plenty of comedic dialogues.

Dev Kharoud is satisfactory while he is with the heroine but is most comfortable in sequences with his friend and also during action scenes. Aarushi Sharma looks pretty on screen and emotes well. She gets a decent screen time and the young actress does complete justice to Deepi’s character. Jagjeet Sandhu as ‘Racaad’ wins taalis and seetis. He gets the best one-liners in the script and manages to bring the house down with his actons. Mandeep Benipal does a decent job given the script in hand. He makes sure that there’s never a dull moment in the movie.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Kaka Ji has a wafer-thin storyline, but the excellent dialogues keep it engaging. The action sequences seem a bit forced but are a treat for Dev’s fans.

Why You Should Watch:

Kaka Ji is a treat for Dev’s fans. He emotes, fights, cries, and does comedy. The movie also brings ‘kale kache wale’ concept back on screen after a hiatus. Also, watch it for Jagjeet’s impeccable comic timing.

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