Verdict: Jordan Sandhu and B. N. Sharma make sincere attempts to elevate the near-decent script.

Singers becoming actors has become a common phenomenon in Punjabi cinema and Jordan Sandhu has been trying to create a niche for himself as a singer-cum-actor for quite some time now. His last attempt Gidarh Singhi bombed at the box office and the onus is now on Khatre Da Ghuggu to push his acting career. The trailer of this comedy-drama released to mixed reviews and the movie has been averagely marketed. Does it manage to entertain the audience for two hours? Let’s analyze.

What’s Khatre Da Ghuggu About: 

Fateh (Jordan Sandhu) is an aspiring singer. To earn a living, he works as an RJ and meets Meet (Diljott) one day. They fall in love and seek permission from Meet’s superstitious father (B. N. Sharma) for marriage. Unhappy with life, Meet’s father gets entangled with some gangsters and goons. Meanwhile, Fateh’s friends try to raise money so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming a singer.

What Works: 

Khatre Da Ghuggu starts off on an interesting note with the lives of Fateh, Meet and her father being explained. Fateh’s fan following and Meet falling in love with him keeps the proceedings interesting. But the film escalates when B. N. Sharma falls for the astrologer’s prediction, getting entangled in some unsavory affairs with goons. 

The second half is similar to the first one as far as the treatment is concerned. The funny scenes and dialogues bring a smile on the viewer’s face, but they’re few and far in between. The climax is interesting and sends the viewer smiling out of the theatres.

Jordan Sandhu gives a sincere performance. It’s evident that he has tried hard to impress. He needs to make a better choice as far as the subjects that he is choosing to act in. Diljott is decent in a small but significant role. B. N. Sharma gets maximum screentime and the seasoned actor carries the film on his trustworthy shoulders. Davvy Singh is first-rate. 

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The script is a film’s soul and here’s where Khatre Da Ghuggu disappoints. The story is average and the treatment could have been better. The dialogues are only funny at places but average otherwise. The film tries to integrate comedy in almost every scene and thus, a number of characters are introduced who try to make the situation comical, but it all seems forced.

Why You Should Watch: 

Khatre Da Ghuggu is a feel-good family film with sincere attempts from Jordan Sandhu and B. N. Sharma. The film has some good melodious songs that will keep you humming long after the movie is over.