Verdict: Manav Vij shines in this motivational sports flick.

The year 2018 will witness a flurry of sports films in Bollywood as well as Pollywood. The first one to be announced and release is Khido Khundi. The film, based on hockey, is not a biography of any sportsman. In fact, the film celebrates India’s national game and urges the youngsters to follow and accept the game. Does the film succeed in entertaining the viewers? Let’s analyze.

What’s Khido Khundi  About:

Khido Khundi is an ode to the game of hockey and the land of Punjab, where the love for the game runs deep. Through the inspiring story of two brothers (Ranjit Bawa and Manav Vij), the film examines how a sport often transcends its primary function as a means of entertainment to even define personal honor, cultural pride, and national identity.

What Works:

For any sports film to work, it’s important that the underdog’s struggle, rise and victory should win hearts. Khido Khundi’s story of two brothers inspires the viewers and makes them feel for their honor and pride.

Khido Khundi begins on a positive note with the introduction of Ranjit Bawa to the game of hockey. The insight given by Manav Vij about the relationship of Sansarpur with hockey and also their family with hockey is well written and executed. 

But its the second half that lifts the overall level of the movie. Choosing the team members, training sessions and eventually, the matches between Punjab and the English team make the proceedings interesting. The finale is well shot and the viewer experiences goosebumps at a number of occasions.

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Manav Vij is the heart and soul of the movie. The actor surpasses his previous performances and delivers his career-best performance in Khido Khundi. His outbursts at a number of occasions make you feel the anger and the thirst for victory in his heart. Ranjit Bawa is first rate as Fateh Singh. He gets the hockey technique right. Mandy Takhar is decent. She impresses in the hospital scene.

Rohit Jugraj seems to be in love with hockey and more with the legends who have played the game. He chose to make a fictional film over a biography and would be proud of his decision. 

What could have been better:

The pace of the movie in the first half is a bit on the slower side. Also, the writing becomes a little predictable as soon as the brothers land in Punjab. The viewer has a decent idea about how the movie may end. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Khido Khundi celebrates our national game hockey. Punjab being the birthplace of the game, it’s important to revive the hockey bug in Punjabis. Khido Khundi is a decent effort in doing the same. Moreover, the movie should be watched for the life Manav Vij has breathed into his character.

Gurlove Singh