Verdict: A fun-filled rom-com with lots of chemistry.

In a small village resides a crazy family. The head of family takes pride in the number of cases lodged against him in Court. His wife speaks her heart at any and every opportunity. The brother-in-law is a drunkard. His son is following his footsteps. This family is indeed ‘Krazzy. To add on to the craziness, the son falls in love with a girl who belongs to a family that is in complete contrast to his own. Does this marriage of two different cultures result in an entertaining film? Thankfully, yes.

Gurdial Singh Sandhu aka Bittu (Harish Verma) falls in love with Saumya Sharma (Priyanka Mehta). He proposes to her and subsequently meets her parents, who generate an instant liking for him. But when the two families meet each other, they discover that their ideologies, way of living and speaking, are entirely different from each other. This creates a rift between the two lovers.

You walk into the theatre expecting Krazzy Tabbar to be yet another rom-com, with an abundance of comedy and a pinch of romance. But the movie surprises you, as it is majorly a romantic drama with doses of comedy. The movie gets brownie points for showcasing the beautiful relationship between different members of the family. The baap-beta, mama-bhanja and ma-beta bonding is the highlight of the movie.

On paper, the movie has a wafer-thin plot. But writers Manduip Singh and Nihal Purba add a number of entertaining sub-plots in order to make the proceedings interesting. The producers have made a smart move in getting on-board some of the finest acting talents in Punjabi industry as supporting cast. They are given meaty roles and witty one-liners. There are a couple of impactful scenes, like the one where the two families meet for the first time. The acting, dialogues and entire sequences are sure to bring the house down.

Any blemishes? Yes! The pace of the first half slows down mid-way. Also, given the choice of the supporting cast, the comic scenes and dialogues should have been a tad more impactful.

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Krazzy Tabbar has a mammoth starcast of superbly talented people. Leading them is Harish Verma, who underplays his part with perfection. When it comes to portraying soft romantic characters, he is one of the best in business. And he proves a point here as well. He supremely displays his talent in the scene where he explains the true nature of his family members to Saumya’s parents. Priyanka Mehta is a decent actor and scores more in emotional scenes.

It won’t be wrong to state that Yograj Singh is the heart and soul of the movie. He leaves maximum impact with his act. There is no other actor in this industry who can display emotion, anger, pride, comedy and love for family with such ease in a single movie. Nirmal Rishi is first-rate. Shivendra Mahal packs a solid punch, while B.N. Sharma impresses in his part. Jaswinder Bhallas one liners are superb as he doesn’t miss a beat.

Ajay Chandhok gets an interesting story and he makes sure that the film is portrayed in an equally interesting manner. He manages to hold the viewers’ attention for most part of the movie. D.O.P. Najeeb Khan does a fine job. Music by Gurcharan Singh is above average, with Baajre di Rakhi being the pick of the lot. Action sequences (Pradumna Kumar Swain) are impactful, especially at the beginning of the movie.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:  

Watch it to believe how a person can go limits and make the impossible happen for their lovers. Krazzy Tabbar has the honesty of Harish Verma, wittiness of Jaswinder Bhalla and B.N. Sharma, sincerity of Shivendra Mahal, and all of the above of Yograj Singh. This one is for the families and people of all ages.

– By Gurlove Singh