Verdict: Amrinder Gill shines in this impactful entertainer.

Every Amrinder Gill film is special. He announces his films a month before its release, brings out the trailer and songs all within 10 days of release, and still manages to generate hype around the movie. If there’s anyone in Pollywood defying film marketing and social media presence rules, it’s this star. His latest film Laiye Je Yaarian has now arrived in theatres. The makers have made it clear that it’s a Harish Verma film with just a cameo by Gill. But that doesn’t stop his fans from swamping the theatres. Do they feel satisfied while walking out? Let’s analyze.

What’s Laiye Je Yaarian About:

Raunak (Roopi Gill) is facing a nemesis in her transport business. In a  moment of desperation, she hires Sukhdeep Singh (Harish Verma) to help her. Sukh has no intentions of working for her and has his own vested interests at heart. Jaanu (Rubina Bajwa) becomes collateral damage in the process and Sukh realizes that he has the ability to do something in life whereas he had always underestimated himself. But in a twist that no one sees coming, Garry Randhawa (Amrinder Gill) enters the fray, holding his cards close to his heart in matters of emotions and business. The characters soon come to realize that one often meets their destiny on the road less taken.

What Works:

Although touted as a Harish Verma starrer, the one who leaves a mark after the show ends is Amrinder Gill. He gets the best one-liners, plays the anti-hero character with ease and Garry Randhawa is likely to be remembered for years to come.

Laiye Je Yaarian is a perfect blend of humor, romance, and comedy. The first hour of the film is devoted to the professional rivalry between Roopi and Amrinder’s characters. Harish Verma and Roopi Gill get maximum screen time here. Sukhdeep’s hiring, arrival in Canada, and subsequent know-how of the trucking business keep the proceedings interesting. Cameos from Amberdeep Singh here bring the house down.

The story takes a complete u-turn in the second half. From being a professional rivalry, the film suddenly becomes a romantic love triangle. By the end of it, the movie is a love quadrangle with Roopi and Harish’s characters playing cupid for each other. The dialogues are the mainstay here. They are engaging and humorous, especially the ones given to Amrinder Gill (Samjheya ke nahi?) and Roopi Gill (Kidda ustaad!). The finale, although predictable is a fun watch with Amrinder and Roopi bringing a smile on the audience’s faces as they leave the cinema hall.

Harish Verma gives a sincere performance. He wonderfully transforms himself from a street-smart job seeker to a thinking manager to a confused lover. Roopi Gill is a showstopper. She shines in each frame that she is in and has flawless dialogue delivery. The girl is sure to be seen more often in Pollywood after this. Rubina Bajwa looks pretty and excels in a role that has limited weight. Amrinder Gill is a star. He gives a splendid performance in an extended cameo. Sukh Sanghera’s transformation from a music video director to a film director stands out.

What could’ve been better:

The scenes with the lead characters falling in love, then moving away from each other, and coming back again all happen very fast. The audience gets limited time to adjust to the fact that a love story has started, and they get a third woman angle too soon. The writing, especially in the second hour, could have been tighter.

Why you should watch:

Watch Laiye Je Yaarian for the stellar performances by Roopi Gill and Amrinder Gill. The story is absolutely relatable, especially to those who are residing in Canada. The film has a perfect blend of emotions – love, romance, and comedy.

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