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Lakeeran: Film Review – A Refreshing Love Story

Verdict: Harman Virk has the ability to be the next star of Punjabi cinema. 
There’s no denying the fact that Lakeeran is one of the most stylishly made films of Punjabi cinema. The production values are high and all eyes are on Harman Virk’s acting debut. Is Lakeeran all style or does it have a soul to it as well? Let’s find out!
Harman (Harman Virk) lives with his multimillionaire father and has freshly graduated from college. Unfortunately, his car meets an accident which leaves a deep impact on Harman’s mental condition. His father sends him to Punjab where he meets Roop (Yuvika Chaudhary) and instantly falls in love with her. But to his surprise, Roop does not respond to his feelings and proposal. Can Harman win Roop’s love and marry her, forms rest of the story.

Lakeeran Punjabi Film Review - BookMyShow
Lakeeran impresses in parts. The movie starts off in Europe where Harman’s king-sized lifestyle is showcased and the viewer is mesmerized by the stunning visuals. Once Harman lands in Punjab and falls head over heels for Roop, the story comes to a standstill until the intermission. The director takes help of seasoned actors (B.N Sharma, Nirmal Rishi) to keep the proceedings look entertaining. Roop’s reaction to Harman’s proposal confuses the viewer equally, as it does to Harman. But thankfully, all the questions are answered in the second half, where the story is given preference than concentrating on other unrelated tracks. The twists and turns in Harman and Roop’s love story keep the viewer engrossed as they face one obstacle after another before they get accepted by one and all.

Harman Virk makes a decent debut. The director leaves no stone unturned to showcase Harman’s acting talent & physique, and Harman manages to impress. There are a number of scenes which are beautifully executed by the director and equally well enacted by Harman, especially when he confesses his love for Roop in front of the entire village; and when he realizes the true identity of Roop’s husband. Yuvika Chaudhary looks astonishing on screen. She skilfully portrays the role of a widow who goes through various emotions while falling in love with Harman. Amongst character artists, Shavinder Mahal and B.N. Sharma are dependable.
The creative head of the movie Bhupinder Sayan is a director to look forward to. He has made an elegant movie and many scenes leave a strong impact on the viewer.  The music (Dr. Zeus and Santosh Kataria) is completely in sync with the mood of the film, while Nimma Nimma is melodious. Grace marks to D.O.P. Nazir Khan for capturing the locales of Europe and Punjab beautifully.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Style and Soul! Lakeeran is a beautifully presented, sweet love story, which triumphs after facing all odds. Watch it for a sincere effort by Harman Virk, who puts his heart and soul into the movie.

— By Gurlove Singh