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Lock: Film Review – An Unusual Story Is The Key

Verdict: An intriguing thriller.
The trio of Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Smeep Kang have worked together a number of times earlier and have offered entertaining hits in the form of Carry On Jatta, Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Bhaji In Problem and Double Di Trouble. This time, they come together yet again in a thriller, Lock. Can Lock be as entertaining as their previous work? Let us analyze!
Lock is a story of Bhola and Gill. Bhola is promised a job in Dubai by Gill. As a result, Gill gets all his household works get done from Bhola. One fateful night, both Bhola and Gill get drunk and take a girl to a shop that is under renovation, which is owned by Gill. Bhola leaves Gill and the girl inside the shop and locks from outside, promising to return after an hour. Due to unavoidable situations, Bhola fails to return that night. How Gill and the girl manage to come out of the shop forms the rest of the story.
First things first – a story like Lock has not been attempted in Punjabi movies before. The movie starts off on a high with the director (Smeep Kang) introducing the three key characters of the story. The proceedings before the interval keep the viewer hooked, as Bhola and Gill put themselves into trouble. The first half entertains and leaves the viewer guessing how Bhola would get Gill out of the situation. But the problem lies with the second half. The story stagnates and scenes between Gill and the girl (Geeta Basra) become a tad bit repetitive. Nonetheless, the way Gill comes out of the shop surprises the viewer and is completely justified.
Smeep Kang acts and directs Lock. He gets the maximum screen time. As an actor, he does complete justice to the role of a man who is not bad at heart, but takes a wrong step under influence of liquor and puts himself in an ugly situation. He conveys a lot through his facial expressions, especially eyes. As a director, he is an expert at making comedies and this time he directs a thriller. The base of the story is that the lead characters are in a problematic situation and he tries hard to integrate comedy scenes into it, but succeeds only to an extent. Gippy Grewal is first rate. It’s heartening to see him choosing unusual stories, ignoring the screen time he has in the film. Gurpreet Ghuggi is a dependable actor. Both Gippy and Ghuggi share a sparkling on-screen chemistry and this helps in making an otherwise ordinary film worth watching. Geeta Basra enacts well and should be seen more on screen.
Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
Watch Lock for a different story and flawless chemistry between Smeep Kang, Gippy Grewal and Gurpreet Ghuggi. The movie manages to edify a lesson – no matter in what state of mind you are, think about the consequences before taking ‘the road not taken’.
— By Gurlove Singh