Verdict: Gippy Grewal and team make a sincere effort to match up to the 2017 blockbuster.

When Manje Bistre released in Baisakhi in 2017, it went on to become the biggest blockbuster of Punjabi cinema and was immensely liked by the cinegoers. Immediately after the success, the team had announced Manje Bistre 2, which has finally arrived in cinemas. The characters in the movie get new identities and the film even has a new setting. So get ready to have some fun while Punjabis collect beds and mattresses at a big fat traditional Punjabi wedding, but this time in Canada.

What’s Manje Bistre 2 About: 

The second installment in the Manje Bistre series revolves around Sukhi‘s (Gippy Grewal) journey to Canada to attend his cousin’s wedding ceremony. The traditional big fat Punjabi wedding brings together an entire family full of amusing characters, while Sukhi falls in love with an Indo-Canadian woman named Rano (Simi Chahal). But a misunderstanding between Sukhi and Rano’s father creates a barricade to their marriage. Whether Sukhi is able to convince Rano’s parents forms the rest of the story.

What Works: 

Manje Bistre 2 brings together the finest craftsmen of Punjabi cinema. The film has quite a lot going in its favor – an ensemble cast, writer and director with a proven success record, and a production house that has delivered only hit films till date.

The film starts off in Canada where all protagonists get together for a wedding. They stay together, drink together, and most importantly joke together. The film relies heavily on witty one-liners, especially rendered by Karamjit Anmol and Gurpreet Ghuggi‘s characters. There’s not much movement in the storyline but the constant teasing and harmless joking keep the interest of the audience alive.

The story finally moves in the second hour when Sukhi and Rano’s father get involved in a brief tussle. Although the reason for the fight and the way things shape up after that seem to be forced into the screenplay, you are glued to the screen here as interesting things happen to the other characters besides the lead pair. Gippy Grewal stays true to the character and does full justice to role assigned to him. Simi Chahal is relegated to the backseat here as a majority of the screen time is taken by the male leads of the film. Karamjit Anmol is effective, Gurpreet Ghuggi is first rate, while the rest of the cast deliver decent performances. Baljit Singh Deo gets things right most of the times but falters in song placement and a few romantic scenes.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

Naresh Kathuria is a master when it comes to writing comedies. But this time, the veteran fails to impress. The guffaws are fewer and far in between. The screenplay by Gippy Grewal could’ve been a bit tighter too. Moreover, the movie is likely to get direct comparisons with the prequel, which inarguably was a better film.

Why You Should Watch: 

If you do not compare Manje Bistre 2 with its prequel, then it is definitely a film worth watching. It has Gippy and Simi’s love-hate relationship and Karamjit and Ghuggi’s unabashed comedy. Go and attend the big fat Punjabi wedding taking place in the ‘pind’ of Surrey, Canada.