Verdict: A roller-coaster ride of confusions that take place during a marriage.

An ensemble cast, a marriage, a few bhangra songs, and a confusion laden script. This is a perfect recipe for a hit Punjabi film. For an audience that is looking for comedy and entertainment every Friday, Marriage Palace acts as a perfect catalyst to fulfill the demands of the public. Does this perfect story on paper get translated into an entertaining affair on the celluloid? Let’s analyze.

What’s Marriage Palace About:

Nimma (Sharry Mann) is in love with Maani (Payal Rajput) and does whatever it takes for him to marry her. He pursues her endlessly and eventually manages to win her heart. Next, he has to make his father and aunt agree to the marriage and also convince his in-laws. Finally, everyone agrees to get them married. But a mishap during the marriage ceremony throws everything for a toss and the couple gets separated instead of getting together.

What Works:

Marriage Palace has many elements of a perfect entertainer. It is based on the concept of comedy of errors, a topic that thrives in Punjabi film industry.

The movie starts off on an entertaining note with Sharry Mann chasing Payal Rajput. He tries every trick in the book to win her. The proposal through cassettes is nostalgic and takes you back to the 90s. The interval is placed perfectly where the film keeps the viewer guessing what would happen from thereon.

The second half is where the makers have invested their maximum effort. The writing is tight, the dialogues are funny and the execution is perfect. Most of the tracks that generate because of the confusion during the marriage work and are funny. Most of the focus is on the character artists rather than the lead pair, and this works for the movie. The finale, although a bit exaggerated, works perfectly for the movie.

Sharry Mann makes a comeback on the big screen after a hiatus. He is comfortable during the scenes with character artists but doesn’t gel all that well with the leading lady. Payal Rajput portrays her role sincerely. Jaswinder Bhalla and BN Sharma are first rate and get the funniest of dialogues. Anita Devgan brings the house down as the taunting aunt. Harby Sangha’s performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Sunil Thakur makes his debut as a director. He knows the art of filmmaking and we have high hopes from him.

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie throws a “been there seen that” feeling at times. The story in the first half of the movie doesn’t really move forward as most of the time is devoted to Sharry trying to win Payal’s heart. Payal’s transition could’ve been handled more convincingly.

Why You Should Watch:

Marriage Palace should be watched because of its genre – comedy and entertainment. The movie has funny sequences in abundance with Jaswinder Bhalla and BN Sharma bringing the house down with their performances. Also, watch Marriage Palace as it takes you back to the charming era when proposals were done through song recordings in cassettes.

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