Verdict: Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa make sincere efforts to entertain in Muklawa.

One of the biggest movies of 2019, Muklawa is out in the cinemas. Ever since it was announced, the Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa starrer has been in the news. What makes the movie even more special is that it brings together the team that has delivered the immensely likeable and hugely successful Nikka Zaildar series. Does the team of Muklawa manage to weave the same magic on the audience as it has successfully done in the past? Let’s analyze.

What’s Muklawa About: 

Back in the old days, tradition dictated that a newlywed woman should stay back at her parents’ house for a while after her wedding. It was forbidden for the groom to even enter the bride’s village during this period, let alone meet her. Muklawa is the story of Shinda (Ammy Virk) who sets out to romance his own wife Taaro (Sonam Bajwa) in an era where life was simple, but love was difficult.

What Works: 

The 1970s, marriage, unadulterated romedy, Ammy and Sonam’s romance – all amalgamated, it’s the perfect blend of a Punjabi blockbuster. The movie starts on a high with brothers played by Ammy and Sarabjit Cheema getting married to sisters played by Sonam and Drishti Grewal. The marriage celebrations, Ammy’s childlike excitement and rhetorical questions about bringing his wife home keep the proceedings interesting. The continuous efforts Ammy’s character makes to meet and talk to his wife range from being amusing to hysterically hilarious. The proceedings get a bit serious in the second half but the director Simerjit Singh makes sure that there’s a regular dose of comedy in the screenplay. The transition Ammy’s character goes through from being an immature boy to a confident man who stands up for his wife is praiseworthy. The culmination is apt as the viewers go smiling out of the cinema hall.

Ammy Virk plays a character who is confused and inquisitive about marriage. He is a bit subdued but has given an honest performance. Sonam Bajwa does not get much scope to perform. She deserves more screentime. Sarabjeet Cheema and Drishti Grewal are first rate. Gurpreet Ghuggi, B. N. Sharma and Karamjit Anmol provide the comic relief.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The chemistry between Ammy and Sonam fails to generate any feelings for the couple as there are many dream sequences that alter reality. The writers mainly depend on the comic dialogues to keep the viewers hooked onto the proceedings.

Why You Should Watch:

In an era where social media, love and Whatsapp message affairs reign supreme, Muklawa takes us back to the time when husbands and wives were not allowed to meet even after marriage, just because a few formalities were left. Muklawa has the honesty of Ammy Virk and the brilliance of Simerjit Singh. It’s just the kind of movie that Punjabi audiences have adored and given immense love in the past.