Verdict: This social drama wins with its noble concept around saving the girl child.

It’s been a few years since the massive “Save the Girl Child” campaign caught the attention of millions of people across India. Munda Hi Chahida picks up on this concept and merges it with the mandatory Punjabi film humor, dishing out a wonderfully crafted family entertainer. The trailer and poster of the film generated quite a buzz among fans and the film is likely to live up to its promise of keeping that hype alive. 

What’s Munda Hi Chahida About:

Dharmendra (Harish Verma) is surrounded by women in his life. Living with a mother, a wife, two daughters, and three sisters, he wishes to have a baby boy when his wife Rani (Rubina Bajwa) is pregnant with their third child. In order to fulfill his wish, he seeks advice from a baba and does everything that the latter instructs. The film goes on to show the outcome of his actions on his life and his family. 

What Works:

Munda Hi Chahida has its heart in the right place. It’s very important to bring forth such issues in Punjabi cinema and to narrate them in a language that the common man understands. The film’s noble concept captures your attention right from the start. 

The film begins on a high as Dharmendra and his family are introduced. His plight of being the only bread earner in the house while trying to satisfy everyone’s needs makes you feel for him. His helplessness at home, which further affects his professional life, is showcased wonderfully. There’s a constant undercurrent of emotions in the midst of comedy. The first hour is mostly dedicated to introducing all the characters, the constant failures of Dharmendra, and his wish to have a baby boy in the house.

It’s the second hour where the story picks up. The narrative is super tight and emotionally very high throughout. A sudden change in Dharmendra’s behavior and actions takes everyone by surprise. The finale is also quite high on emotions. A special mention to the hard-hitting dialogue that is repeated many times in the narrative – ‘No She No He, Only Ji!’

Harish Verma is in full form this time around. Within the few weeks of his last release, he makes a u-turn as far as his looks and character are concerned. He is helpless, happy, sad, confused, angry, and more. This would go down as one of his career’s best performances. Rubina Bajwa also plays her part well. She is shown as someone who doesn’t like to argue and stays happy in every condition and situation that life throws at her.

What could’ve been better:

The film’s first half barely touches upon the poignant narrative. Once the characters are introduced and the viewer gets to know the problems that Dharmendra faces in day-to-day life, only then does the story move forward. The dialogues help the film to stay afloat before that.

Why you should watch:

Watch Munda Hi Chahida for its novel concept, superbly written dialogues, and a wonderful second half. The film highlights some major issues and addresses them in the most entertaining way possible. Do not miss Harish Verma’s sincere performance or his amazing chemistry with Rubina Bajwa.

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