Verdict: Get ready for the infamous parahuneya da panga.

Year 1980s. Village setting. Traditional wedding. Bhua-fufar. Sister-Parahuna. A couple trying to set up their marriage while attending another marriage. All this amalgamated is exactly what Punjabi cinegoers want. Parahuna is an ideal setting for non-stop entertainment. Moreover, Kulwinder Billa makes his Pollywood debut with Parahuna. Does it manage to keep the viewers hooked for two hours? Let’s analyze.

What’s Parahuna About:

Jant (Kulwinder Billa) is in love with Punjabi film actress Preeti Sapru. While attending a wedding, he meets a girl Mano (Wamiqa Gabbi) who resembles Preeti Sapru. He mentions this to his confidants, the parahunas of the house (Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha). However, they have to now convince the fufar (Sardar Sohi), who is an obstacle to his plan. Do the new parahunas have their say or the old one still reigns supreme?

What Works:

Parahuna belongs to Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha. The two younger parahunas of the house play the game of cat and mouse with Sardar Sohi, which keeps the viewers hooked on to the proceedings. The overall setting and the traditional wedding bring back fond memories of how relatives gathered at the weddings in your family and how each one had a role to play even while they were not really doing anything.

The first hour of the movie is devoted to the introduction of a horde of characters. The dialogues are entertaining and bring out guffaws at regular intervals. The story actually begins in the second hour when Kulwinder tries to win everyone’s hearts. He faces minor obstacles every now and then but manages to keep the viewer’s interest alive.

Kulwinder Billa makes a decent debut. He portrays innocence on screen with ease. Given some time and good characters, he has the potential to be in the big league of Pollywood actors. Wamiqa Gabbi talks through eyes more than words. She looks good on screen with Kulwinder. Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha, and Sardar Sohi are the soul of the film. They get all the witty dialogues and all of them are equally good. Nirmal Rishi is first rate.

Mohit Banwait and Amrit Raj Chadha succeed in showcasing the wedding settings from the 1980s with aplomb. They do absolute justice to the script in hand. The music of the film is completely in sync with the movie.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Parahuna has a simple and straight storyline with no gut-wrenching twists. Also, the climax seems a little rushed where things fall in place for Kulwinder with much ease.

Why You Should Watch:

Parahuna takes you back to the 1980s era and the weddings that took place during that time. The setting will make you nostalgic. Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha, and Sardar Sohi are a treat to watch as the parahunas of the house. Moreover, Kulwinder Billa is immensely likable. This one is a treat for the entire family.