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Proud to be a Sikh 2: Film Review – The Key is to Become a Good Human Being First

Verdict: The movie preaches and entertains in equal quantity.

Proud to be a Sikh 2 is based on the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the incident that shook Sikhs across the world. The previous installment was immensely likable. The topic that the makers have chosen this time around is fresh in the viewers' minds. The incident was all over the news when it happened in 2015. Does Proud to be a Sikh 2 manage to preach and entertain the viewers at the same time?  Let's analyze!

What’s Proud to be a Sikh 2 About:

Gurlal Singh (Atvinder Singh) is a student of Khalsa College who follows Sikhism and its preaching. When a Kashmiri student Jatin tries to be friends with him, he ignores his request as he feels that anyone except a Sikh cannot be a friend of his. His professor (Amritpal Singh Billa) teaches him the true meaning of Sikhism and that's when he realizes that he was completely wrong. When the desecration of Guru Granth Sahib Ji happens, he and his professor stand up against the system.

What Works:

Proud to be a Sikh 2 does not preach you to fight against the system. In fact, it shouts out that peace and harmony would help you achieve the desired results in life. The movie inspires you to fight against yourself and mend your own wrongdoings before blaming the world.

The film starts off on a superb note as the viewer is introduced to Gurlal and rest of the characters. The first half moves the viewer completely as the makers give an insight of how a human being should lead his life.

The scene where Jatin draws Guru Teg Bahadur ji’s picture is well written and brilliantly executed. Similarly, when the professor takes Gurlal to Patna Sahib, self-analysis check strikes the viewer’s head instantly.

The second half is where the drama starts and the story takes a completely U-turn. The incident of desecration is of such a big stature that the slogans and fight for justice are completely justified. The movie has an apt ending and the message that the makers want to give to the world comes across smoothly.

Atvinder Singh is a decent find. He enacts his role with complete sincerity and carries his look on the big screen with aplomb. Amritpal Singh Billa is a fine actor. He carries the film on his shoulders and enacts with maturity. Gursimran Kaur is first-rate.

The director Satdeep Singh has made a balanced movie. He makes sure that the movie not only preaches but also entertains. He takes an inspiring story (Dr. Rupinder Singh) and does complete justice to it. 

What could have been better:

Understandably, the production values of Proud to be a Sikh 2 aren't very grand. Thus at times, the film appears to be simple. The editing could have been crisper.

Why you should watch:

Proud to be a Sikh 2 should be watched by every Sikh and non-Sikh. It gives an insight on how a human being should ideally lead his life. It merges preaching and entertainment beautifully.

Gurlove Singh