Punjab Singh

Punjab Singh: Film Review – When He Hits, He Hits Hard

Verdict: A gangster flick.

Gurjind Maan’s Punjab Singh, directed by Taj, has arrived. With three weeks into 2018, Punjabi film audiences are witnessing the first movies in the form of Punjab Singh and Shivtar Shiv’s Saggi Phull. Both the movies are completely different in terms of genre. While Saggi Phull is a family drama, Punjab Singh is an out-and-out action film. Punjab Singh is devoid of a star face. Does Punjab Singh have the substance to rise and shine against the odds? Let’s analyze!

What’s It About:

Punjab Singh (Gurjind Maan) is forced into the world of crime after his sister is killed by a local goon of Amritsar. After settling scores with his sister’s killers, he becomes the Robinhood for the people of Amritsar. But a group of strong and well-connected people have other plans for Punjab Singh. They hatch a plan to eradicate him. Whether they succeed in their mission or does Punjab Singh bring an end to his enemies, forms the rest of the story.

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What Works:

The highpoints of the movie are the action scenes. The makers seem to be awe-inspired by south Indian’s flicks and have used similar camerawork and fight choreography. This is the first time Punjabi film viewers have experiences such action on the big screen.

The transition of a happy-go-lucky, family man turning into a wild lion in a concrete zoo is beautifully portrayed.

Gurjind Maan plays a larger-than-life character and does full justice to it. The young man from Amritsar has done a decent job. He has also written the movie and his choice of subject is apt. Kuljinder Sidhu’s delivers an emphatic performance. He looks and acts evil. Sarthi K is decent. Anita Devgan takes a complete U-turn from the kind of roles she has been doing in the past. She delivers a knockout performance. Annie Sekhon is first-rate. Yaad Grewal, Davvy Singh and Ashish Duggal impress.

What could have been better:

A tighter script with justifications to the proceedings could have worked wonders for the movie. The sensitive audiences may find it a bit violent in certain scenes. However, that does not interfere with the narrative.

Why you should watch:

Punjab Singh is a treat for action lovers. The kind of action that has been shown here has not been done in any Punjabi film before this. Also, watch the movie for Gurjind Maan’s sincere act.