Verdict: Tarsem Jassar’s superlative performance and a lovely story make it a must watch.

When Rabb Da Radio released in 2017, not only was it a box office success but also won the hearts of the Punjabi cinema fans. Two years later, the team is back with Rabb Da Radio 2 which has the same essence and feel of the earlier part. Writer Jass Grewal is famous for stories that revolve around human relations, and Rabb Da Radio 2 is no different. Does it have the same connect as the earlier one? The answer is a resounding YES!

What’s Rabb Da Radio 2 About: 

Manjinder Singh (Tarsem Jassar) is keen to visit his maternal grandparents with his new bride Guddi (Simi Chahal). When they reach there, he is heartbroken to find that things are not what they used to be 16 years ago. Once a close-knit family of his four maternal uncles now had walls not only between their houses but within their hearts as well. Rabb Da Radio 2 is about how Manjinder and Guddi make efforts to unite their family.

What Works: 

Rabb Da Radio 2 is a winner mainly because of its premise. The characters, situations, and story are absolutely relatable. The realistic story arcs feel like the things that happen to us and people who are close to us.

The first hour has a number of sequences that remain etched in the viewer’s hearts even after the show ends. The marriage track is cute and brings a smile to the viewer’s face. The scene where Tarsem unites with his family is high on emotions and will tear up the most stoic viewers. The story moves smoothly as Tarsem realizes the drifts in the family. The part around the interval is heartbreaking.

The second half is where Tarsem and Simi up the gear to stop the partition from happening. The games they play with the minds of their uncles and aunts are funny. The finale track where Tarsem’s mother visits her family after 16 years is touching.

Tarsem Jassar does complete justice to the character assigned to him. He shows immense growth as an actor. Simi Chahal is adorable and gets to portray a character which is in continuation to Rabb Da Radio. There’s no denying the fact that she is one of the most talented actresses of Pollywood and she proves it yet again with Rabb Da Radio 2. Avtar Gill is first rate.

SharanArt does a fine job as a debut director. He has a wonderful script by Jass Grewal and the duo has dished out a decent entertainer. Background music is one of the high points of the film.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The film should have had a tighter editing. There are a few sequences which could’ve been cut out from the final print to make the film crisper. The overall pace if the film is a bit on the slower side.

Why You Should Watch: 

Rabb Da Radio 2 has its heart in the right place. It has a very sweet and relatable story, a hummable soundtrack and effective performances by Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal and the character artists as well. Go watch this emotional drama with your family!