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Rocky Mental: Film Review – The Beast Unleashes

Verdict: A revenge saga that is a treat for all Parmish Verma fans.

Even before the release of his debut film Rocky Mental, Parmish Verma owns a huge fan following. He is immensely popular amongst Punjabi youngsters and that’s the primary factor why viewers are looking forward to Rocky Mental. The movie has been aggressively promoted by Verma all across North India. Moreover, the trailer of the movie promises interesting concept doubled with fist fights, both inside and outside the boxing ring. And to top it all, the one-day delay in release of the movie has made the fans wait even more to see their idol on big screen for the first time. All these factors promise Rocky Mental to be an interesting affair. Does it live up to the expectations of the viewers? Let's analyze.

Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal aka Rocky (Parmish Verma), is a boxing phenomenon who aspires to achieve international glory. While he is at the threshold of sporting stardom, he encounters infamy. He lives life according to his own terms which does not appeal to a few influential personalities around him. They pledge to destroy Rocky’s life. A series of targeted attacks leave the once indomitable fighter in a deep, depressive and semi-delusional state. The perpetrators responsible for his losses, once revealed, ignite an unimaginable wrath in him. How Rocky manages to take revenge from the adversaries forms the rest of the story.

First things first – if you are a Parmish Verma fan, it’s time to rejoice. The star gives the viewers umpteen numbers of reasons to clap, whistle, shriek and scream. Right from his introduction, dialogues, fight sequences, breakdowns, everything seems to be tailor made for his launch vehicle.

Rocky Mental begins with a promising note, as the protagonist and his group is introduced to the viewers. The brotherhood displayed between Rocky and Preet is unmatched. The script manages to hold your attention and one gets immediately involved in Rocky’s boxing practice, college campus fights and politics. The first half offers loads of laughter and is high on emotions as well. The only sore point in the first hour is the love story of Parmish and Tannu as it just doesn’t click. But thankfully the movie gets back on track as the constant confrontations between Parmish with the protagonists drop a hint that all would not be rosy in this young sportsman’s life. The events just before the interval suggest a violent second half and the viewers wait for the beast to be unleashed.

Rocky Mental - BookMyShowThe movie changes gears in the second half. As soon as the identity of the killers is revealed, Rocky goes on a killing spree. On one hand, the viewers would enjoy the fights, violence, dialogues and facial expressions of Parmish Verma, on the other hand a number of sequences in this half are dragged, especially towards the climax. Moreover, there are some directorial flaws which are hard to digest. For instance, Rocky is charged with rape and even the court declares him guilty, but there is no the medical examination of the girl. Also, Rocky runs away from the court, stays at his coach’s house, kills two boys in the college, kills the local politician and his son, and police cannot find him. The law and order doesn’t seem to exist.

Rocky Mental belongs to Parmish Verma. He is a star performer. He enacts well, has a magnetic on-screen presence, has a well toned body, displays the right expressions and a powerful dialogue delivery. He is present in almost every frame of the movie and carries the film on his broad shoulders. His performance will definitely win him accolades and the best debut awards next year await him. Tannu Kaur Gill is a confident actor. She looks pretty and manages to leave an impression. Dheeraj Kumar gives a sincere performance and your heart goes out to the young actor. Kanika Maan is a revelation. She leaves an impact in a short but sweet role. The girl deserves to be seen more often in Punjabi movies. Mahabir Bhullar is first-rate. Karavnveer Khullar gives a mature performance and invites instant hatred.

Vikram Thori is a director to look forward to. Besides the minor hiccups, he manages to showcase the audience what they expected from Parmish Verma. He has made an entertaining film and executed a few scenes, especially the emotional outbursts of Parmish Verma, with aplomb. The dialogues (Uday Pratap Singh) are high voltage and one of the high points of the movie. The music (Desi Crew) is a complete winner. Yaara and Tere ton Bagair are the best of the lot. Action director Parvez Fazal Khan has done a fine job.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The biggest reason to watch Rocky Mental is the indomitable presence and invincible performance of Parmish Verma. Munda dhakk paa gaya. Rocky Mental is a treat for the fans of this supremely talented man. Also, there is a surprise just before the end credits begin.

– By Gurlove Singh