Hyped as the Punjabi action-comedy of the year, Romeo Ranjha is the perfect example of how hype can harm a film.

Romeo Ranjha follows two conmen named Romeo (Jazzy B) and Ranjha (Garry Sandhu), who cross paths with each other in Bangkok. The two, who are forced to live as roommates, work for two thugs. These thugs, who were initially friends, now only interact through Romeo and Ranjha.

One day, the duo hatch a plan to run away with the gold and money they’re supposed to trade. However, Ranjha double-crosses Romeo, setting off a series of unexpected events. This is followed by revenge, love, more cheating, and a whole lot of chaos!

The film marks Garry Sandhu’s debut. He is charming and realistic as Ranjha. His performance is made even better by the rapport he shares with Jazzy B, who plays Romeo. Though the rest of the cast delivers average performances, their chemistry with each other is noteworthy, making the movie watchable.

Another highlight of the movie is the soundtrack. Romeo Ranjha features foot-tapping tracks that you will hum long after the movie’s over. Jugnu and the title track, in particular, are wonderful songs. Sadly, they are also the only memorable part of the movie.

Though the film does have its share of comedic moments, they are few and far between. You will occasionally crack a smile, but you won’t ever laugh out loud.

The primary flaw of the movie, however, is its complete lack of originality. Every scene, twist and turn feels reminiscent of other heist movies. But not as well-executed.

The movie also falls flat because it tries to incorporate way too many elements. This makes it a classic case of “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Romeo Ranjha would have been much better if it had focused on either the comedic aspect or the action element.

All in all, Romeo Ranjha is an average film. It’s neither good enough to write home about, nor is it bad enough to hate. Though it has the potential to be much more entertaining, something always feels missing. Perhaps this could’ve been different if the movie showcased more of the bromance between Romeo and Ranjha, which is the highlight of the film.

Why should you watch this film?
Though Romeo Ranjha is far from a cinematic masterpiece, it’s still watchable. The best way to watch it is to get a group of friends together to laugh along. The movie is silly, yet self-aware. It never tries to be a deep or intelligent film and for some reason, that works. If you’re looking for a lighthearted film to watch with your friends this weekend, you might just enjoy Romeo Ranjha.

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