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Saggi Phull: Film Review – Upbringing Does Matter

Verdict: A fresh take on a sensible and a relatable story.

2018’s first Punjabi release Saggi Phull has arrived today, along with Gurjind Maan’s Punjab Singh. The movie, directed by ace cinematographer Shivtar Shiv, has arrived without much hype and hoopla. With limited marketing and no known star face, a good script and ace execution is what will get people talking about it. Read on to know how Saggi Phull fared.

What’s Saggi Phull About:

Saggi Phull starts off with a tiff between two brothers, Daler Singh (Nitu Pandher) and Taari (Ravinder Singh Pawar). After the death of their mother, they get separated and their lives take different routes. They both get married and have children. How their own lifestyle makes an impact on their children’s upbringing and how their own lives are impacted in due course of time forms the rest of the story.

What Works:

The story of Saggi Phull is an absolute winner. It is one of the most relatable and sensible films written. But not every story turns out to be an effective and entertaining two-hour script.

Saggi Phull Review - BookMyShow

The movie starts off on a high note as there’s pretty much happening in the two brother’s lives. The black and white comparison between the two brothers starts off right in the beginning and continues until the penultimate scenes of the movie. The marriage of the two brothers and subsequently the kids coming into their lives keeps the viewers engaged. The way the protagonists experience changes in their lives as and when their children grow up is absolutely relatable

The message that the movie wishes to give through Taari’s character is also loud and clear. There are a few teachings for farmers as well, which go well with Taari’s character. Also, the Doli song deserves a special mention as it had been wonderfully shot.

Director Shivtar Shiv is one of the most talented cinematographers in Punjabi film industry. The way he has shot the film, it totally justifies the above statement. Ravinder Pawar impresses and Nitu Pandher manages to hold the viewers' attention. Sukhi Bal is a natural actor. Music (Daljit Singh) is hummable with Maahiya Chaddin Naa by the Nooran Sisters being the best of the lot.

What could have been better:

The graph of the movie goes up and down after the initial half an hour. The film feels a bit rushed in parts.

Why you should watch:

Watch Saggi Phull for a fresh story with a social message. Ravinder Singh Pawar’s sincere act and his bonding with Sukhi Bal makes the film interesting.

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