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Sajjan Singh Rangroot: Film Review – A Cinematic Masterpiece

Verdict: A visual treat for Diljit fans.

There are limited occasions when filmgoers keenly await the release of a particular film. And when the Diljit Dosanjh is playing the lead, it ought to be a special film. Sajjan Singh Rangroot is one such film which succeeded in gaining the interest of one and all even before its first trailer was out. There’s enough hype surrounding this first ever war film made in Pollywood. Does the movie live up to the expectations? That would be a YES!

What’s Sajjan Singh Rangroot About:

Set against the backdrop of First World War, Sajjan Singh Rangroot recounts the story of a legion of Indian soldiers who were recruited to fight the Germans on a foreign soil. Through the perspective of the lion-hearted Sajjan Singh (Diljit Dosanjh), the film chronicles the hardships faced by these men and the exemplary valor they displayed in the face of great adversity, thereby earning them a permanent and exalted place in the annals of the Great War.

What Works:

Visually, this is by far one of the best films made in India. The makers have made sure that each frame looks appealing on screen. Each shot taken, especially during the war scenes are a visual treat for cinegoers.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot review - BookMyShow

The movie is an emotional journey of the protagonist's love and passion towards freeing his country from the Britishers. The transition of a happy-go-lucky family man into a brave, gallant and heroic soldier is beautifully portrayed.  The war cry after every minute victory, verses and references from Guru Granth Sahib and motivational dialogues by Yograj Singh keep the viewers hooked on to the seats. The culmination of the story is the highpoint of the movie.

Diljit Dosanjh is a gifted actor. There’s no denying the fact that he is the mainstay of the film. His larger-than-life character is well portrayed by the Punjabi superstar. The scene where he fights with British soldiers in a drill exercise proves that he can display emotions even with facial expressions and eye movements. Sunanda Sharma makes a confident debut. The young singing sensation should be seen more often in Punjabi films from hereon. Yograj Singh is superb as Zorawar Singh. He roars like a lion in every shot that he is in. 

Pankaj Batra has a winner on his hands. He takes a gigantic leap in terms of the scale of a Punjabi film and manages to woo the audience beautifully. Jatinder Shah’s music is average with ‘Peepa’ being the best track. Manish More’s editing is crisp.

What could have been better:

Although the film’s story is a winner as it is something that has to be told to today’s youth of Punjab, a little tighter script would’ve helped the movie more. The pace of the films seems to be a bit slow in some parts. 

Why you should watch:

Sajjan Singh Rangroot is a special film that deserves to be seen by the audience of all age groups. The story shouts the bravery and valor displayed by Sikh soldiers of British Indian army. Watch the movie for Diljit’s brilliant portrayal of Sajjan Singh and the heroic display by the Sikh soldiers.

— Gurlove Singh