Sardar Saab: Film Review – Sardar, The Modern Day Robin Hood

Verdict: A clichéd and predictable revenge saga. 
Sardar Saab is a special film in more ways than one. Firstly, it brings back Jackie Shroff on Punjabi silver screen after a hiatus. Moreover, Guggu Gill teams up with Jackie Shroff for the first time. And lastly, at a time when rom-coms are the preferred choice for movie-makers, Sardar Saab takes a different route (action). Can Sardar Saab bank upon these merits and deliver entertaining cinema? Let’s analyze.
Sardar Joginder Singh alias Sardar Saab (Jackie Shroff) and his younger brother (Guggu Gill) act as messiahs for the people suppressed by the rich, wealthy and powerful. They do not shy away from taking law and order in their own hands. Due to the nature of their work, Sardar Saab sends his son (Daljeet Kalsi) to New Zealand, who meets Mehak Arora (Neetu Singh) and falls in love with her. Daljeet and Mehak want to get married to each other and the latter’s father wishes to meet Daljeet’s father before the rituals take place. Once Daljeet reaches Delhi, Sardar Saab is arrested by the police and he gets killed in a bomb blast. How Daljeet avenges of his father’s killing forms the rest of the story.
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Sardar Saab borrows from the masala action movies of yore that popularized Punjabi cinema in the 80s and 90s. Love, romance, deceit, treachery, revenge, loads of action, Sardar Saab has it all. The movie stays true to its plot. There is not a single track in the movie which is not related to the main story of the movie. Sardar Saab starts off on a high note with Jackie Shroff’s introduction as the modern-day of Robin Hood of Delhi, taking upon himself to help the helpless. The writer has cleverly integrated into the story some of the ugly real life instances that had happened in Delhi in the past. Once the focus shifts from Sardar Saab’s character to Daljeet’s in New Zealand, the movie shifts gears. Although the proceedings are interesting between Daljeet, Mehak and Cheema Saab, the viewer may start to feel why so much time is being devoted to the love track. But a surprising twist just before the interval clears all the doubts. Whereas the first half of Sardar Saab is quick with a lot of twists and turns, it’s the second half, where the story becomes absolutely predictable. Although there is an introduction of new characters (Yaad Grewal and Sardar Sohi), nothing manages to escalate the proceedings to the level at which the movie had taken the viewer to in the first half. There is another twist in the tale at the climax, but that looks forced into the story and makes no impact whatsoever. 
Jackie Shroff is a seasoned actor and he fits like a glove into the title role. He has amazing screen presence and completely justifies the trust the makers had on him to play Sardar Saab. Guggu Gill is sidelined in the script and that might be the reason why he looks a bit off beat. Given his caliber and talent, he underperforms. Daljeet Kalsi looks a bit camera shy and needs to work on his dialog delivery. He gets maximum screen time and is better off doing action than romance. Neetu Singh oozes confidence in her acting and looks charming on-screen. Yaad Grewal gets brownie points for his negative act and draws instant hate from viewers. Sardar Sohi, Shivendra Mahal and Karamjeet Anmol lend adequate support to the proceedings. 
Amit Prasher is a director known for comedies. Action, politics, police encounters et al is a new path for him, and his inhibitions are visible. He is in full form during the first half, which is devoted more to comedy than action. But he succumbs in the latter half of the movie. The music of the movie does boast of big names (Mika Singh, Jazzy B), but it lacks a blockbuster song. The songs Gobind da sardar and Suit Punjabi are decent tracks. The action scenes (Javed Ezaz)  are well executed. The background score (Gurcharan Singh) deserves a special mention.
Overall, Sardar Saab is a decently made action thriller. Had the characters of Jackie Shroff and Guggu Gill given more screen time, it would have enhanced the final impact of the movie.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch Sardar Saab for Jackie Shroff magnetic charisma and emphatic portrayal of the messiah of people. The film has the requisite amount of zing, so essential for action movies that talk of heroism. If you are looking for a masala film, go watch Sardar Saab.
— By Gurlove Singh