Verdict: Predictable, yet entertaining.
Here's a short and sweet message for Neeru Bajwa and Jassi-Babbal fans: Rejoice! For, Rubina Bajwa’s launch pad, directed by Neeru Bajwa lives up to the hype and hoopla associated with the movie.
For her directorial debut, Neeru Bajwa chooses romance, conflict, song & dance, and of course the drama surrounding it all. And she manages to entertain the viewers in those two hours.
Sargi starts off with Babbu (Jassi Gill), an introvert, who loves her childhood friend Sargi (Rubina Bajwa). Due to his shy nature, he cannot express his love for Sargi. In order to earn money for herself and her family, Sargi agrees to get into a contract marriage with Amreek (Karamjit Anmol) and moves to a foreign country. Once she reaches there, Kaim (Babbal Rai), owner of the restaurant where she works, falls in love with her. When Babbu realizes that Sargi had got into a contractual marriage, he follows her and finds out where she works. Babbu soon realizes that Kaim also loves Sargi. Thus, begins the game of wooing the girl. Whether Sargi realizes Babbu’s feelings or settles down with Kaim, forms the rest of the story.
Romance is the essence of Sargi. The writer and director make sure they stay true to the plot, while integrating light moments aplenty into the narrative. This makes Sargi a roller coaster ride between the three protagonists, which mirrors the ups and downs of their lives. The narrative wonderfully brings forth their unmarked, charming and bona fide experience within the commercial parameters.
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A number of sequences, especially in the first hour of the film, are smartly penned and sharply edited. The opening reels, where Babbu fails to express his love for Sargi, set the mood for the film and make the viewers' hearts go out to him. Once Sargi gets married and moves out of India, the story changes gears and the game of one-upmanship begins. All the three male characters, Babbu, Kaim and Amreek, try to win over her heart. Whether it's the amusing moments or the ones that depict the camaraderie of the three protagonists, also the ones when the two guys lock horns and get into the competitive spirit, Neeru ensures that she packs in the optimum. There's no room for boredom or monotony in this high-on-energy movie. The conclusion to the movie seems apt for the story as the viewers get what they had wished for.
The movie belongs to Jassi Gill. Babbu’s role of a shy lover boy seems to be tailor made for him. He conveys a lot through his expressions. He is the nucleus of the film and takes to his role like a fish to water. Babbal Rai is a confident actor. There’s a lot of charm involved in his character and he brings it out brilliantly on screen. One can clearly see the ease enacting the scenes involving him and Jassi due to their off-screen camaraderie. Rubina Bajwa is a doll. She looks like an adolescent on screen and allures the viewer. She needs to work a bit on her expressions. She has the ability and looks to reach heights as a Punjabi film actress. Amongst character artists, Karamjit Anmol (first-rate) and B.N. Sharma (fantastic) leave a mark.
Neeru Bajwa proves that she is as good a director as an actor. She chooses a love story, which is a ‘beaten to death’ genre, but still makes sure that Sargi doesn't fall into the ‘typical romantic fare’ category. She, alongwith writer Jagdeep Sidhu, reinvent romance with flourish, serving the formula in a contemporary format. DOP Lalit Sahoo captures the beautiful locations of Punjab and Mauritius in his lens and make the movie visually striking.
Music (Jay K, B Praak and Gurmeet Singh) of a romantic film has to be soothing to the ears. And Sargi’s songs do not disappoint. Fer ohi hoya is the best song of the album and its video (Arvinder Khaira) generously brings forth Jassi’s feelings for Rubina. Jhumke is well composed and a treat for Jassi-Babbal fans.
Overall, Sargi is an entertaining romantic film, which the youth brigade would love and those who have already past that age would want to revisit those days. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch Sargi for the ‘mushy’ romantic triangle featuring Jassi-Rubina-Babbal. It’s a film about relationships and emotions, packed with a charming screenplay. It offers entertainment in large doses. Go watch it with your family  this weekend!
— By Gurlove Singh