Sarvann: Film Review – Amrinder Gill Shines in a Relatable Premise

Verdict: An engaging and realistic story told in the most simplistic manner. 
Since the time it was announced, Sarvaan has been awaited by one and all. There are various reasons for it. Firstly, Sarvann is backed by prominent Bollywood personalities like Priyanka Chopra and Vashu Bhagnani. Secondly, Amrinder Gill returns to big screen after delivering back-to-back hits (Angrej, Love Punjab). Thirdly, Ranjit Bawa, a popular face in Punjabi music industry, makes his debut as an actor. And finally, Sarvann is getting released on Lohri, one of the most eminent festivals of Punjab.
Does Sarvann live up to its humungous hype? Fortunately, YES!
A coming-of-age tale, Sarvann is a story of a Mithu (Amrinder Gill), who lives in Canada. Mithu gets involved into wrong things in order to make quick money. One day, he gets involved in a crime and runs away to India. Upon reaching India, he falls in love with Paali (Simi Chahal). He also meets Amreek (Ranjit Bawa) and gets opportunities to connect with his roots. He realizes his wrong doings in life and that he has not been the best child to his parents. He unknowingly discovers his identity through this life-changing journey.
Sarvann is a superior film in many respects. The story, which revolves around mafia and lure for money of NRI’s settled in Canada, is very relatable. The initial reels of the movie instantly connect the viewer as Mithu takes on the drug lords for quick money and become more powerful than them. However, the cinematic liberties taken to show how he manages to run away from Canada to India might amuse the viewers. Once the focus shifts to India, the tone of the movie changes for the better. The sequences involving Mithu and Paali’s family are thoroughly enjoyable. The scene just before the interval, when Mithu calls his mother in Canada, is a brilliant piece of writing, acting, and direction. The mood of the movie changes in the post-interval portions as Mithu reveals his true identity to Paali. The path Mithu follows to repent his wrong doings is totally justified and the viewer feels equally for Mithu and Amreek’s family. The movie's end, although a bit hasty, seems to be the most appropriate for the story.
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Sarvann straight up belongs to Amrinder Gill. The actor is in complete form. He brilliantly enacts his transition from a money hungry Canadian boy to someone who stands up and makes sacrifices for the family he had unknowingly harmed in the past. After Angrej and Love Punjab, Sarvann is another film that would prove that he is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. Ranjit Bajwa makes a decent debut. He seems a bit camera shy, but his comic timing is just perfect. He provides adequate laughs, and thus leaves a mark. Simi Chehail, who delivered the runaway hit Bambukat last year, has outdone her own performance. She looks beautiful on screen, emotes well and gives the right expressions. Amongst character artists, Amberdeep Singh, Gurmeet Sajjan, Seema Kaushal and Dilnoor Kaur stand out.
Sarvann has been directed by the first-timer Karaan Guliani, who makes quite an impression. He is a skilled storyteller. He chooses a story that many Punjabis in India and Canada can easily relate to, and that’s where he scores. Writer Amberdeep Singh is one of the most talented writers in Punjabi industry. His alliance with Amrinder Gill has worked wonders in the past and he yet again manages to pull off the director’s concept brilliantly. Music by Jatinder Shah is completely in sync with the mood of the film. Pyaar taan jata laen de and Asin dishaheen are soulful compositions. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
All in all, Sarvann is one of the better films made in the Punjabi film industry, which is well written and astutely executed. Laden with a relatable story and towering performance by Amrinder Gill, Sarvann is here to make your Lohri a bit more special. Go watch it with your family.
— By Gurlove Singh