Verdict: Sargun Mehta & Gurnam Bhullar’s chemistry makes Surkhi Bindi a beautiful family entertainer.

Gurnam Bhullar is on a roll this year. With back-to-back releases, the Diamond Star of Punjab is one of the most sorted personalities in Pollywood. On the other hand, Sargun Mehta makes a comeback after Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh. The fresh pairing of these two talented young actors was much awaited in Surkhi Bindi. This film is also special because of the super talented Jagdeep Sidhu, who recently delivered a blockbuster with the Diljit Dosanjh starrer Shadaa. Does the trio manage to deliver an interesting love story and create magic on-screen? Let’s analyze.  

What’s Surkhi Bindi About:

Randeep  (Sargun Mehta) always dreamed of getting married to a handsome rich man who would fulfill all her desires, especially traveling abroad. Due to some circumstances, she gets married to Sukhwinder aka Sukha (Gurnam Bhullar) who is a middle-class boy working at a factory. Randeep tells Sukha about her wish to open a beauty parlor. How Sukha goes out of the way to fulfill her desires forms the rest of the story.

What Works:

A true blue romantic love story is what Pollywood often shies away from. But the same is not the case with Surkhi Bindi. Writer Rupinder Inderjit and director Jagdeep Sidhu have weaved a beautiful story wherein the couple shares romance, hatred, family disputes, and above all, trust for each other. The film is definitely for the sensible minds who are looking for something different from the usual comedies that come out every Friday.

Surkhi Bindi begins with Randeep’s dreams and aspirations in life. The incidents that take place and the track that leads up to her marriage with Sukha keep the proceedings interesting. The first half wonderfully establishes the relationship between the lead pair and makes the audience feel the emotions that they are going through.

The second half is fast-paced with a lot happening in their lives, personally as well as professionally. The competition, as well as the parlor opening track, keeps the audience hooked on. The culmination is cute and sends you back happy and satisfied.

The film belongs to Sargun Mehta. She is in full form and carries the film on her shoulders. She is happy, sad, aspiring, disappointed, being loved, being hated – all at the same time and very convincing while reacting to every emotion thrown towards her. Gurnam Bhullar stands tall alongside a performer like Sargun. In Guddiyan Patole, he had proven that he can act well and his performance in Surkhi Bindi solidifies this fact. His helpless expressions, especially in the first half, are heartwarming. Director Jagdeep Sidhu hits a hat-trick with Surkhi Bindi. He is one of the most talented persons in the Punjabi film industry and this film brings out his emotional side once again after Qismat.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The story in the second half of the film is quite predictable. It’s not too hard to guess what happens next. Jagdeep’s direction, as well as Rupinder Rupi’s comedy during this hour, works in the film’s favor here.

Why You Should Watch:

Surkhi Bindi is for those looking for a light-hearted romantic film. The wonderful love story melts your heart. Watch it for Sargun and Gurnam’s loving chemistry and Jagdeep Sidhu’s magical direction.