Verdict: Sippy roars, script soars.

Punjabi movie writers and directors are trying to present moviegoers with fresh stories and scripts. Tiger is one such movie that revolves around drugs, which although as a topic is widely discussed, but hasn’t been presented exclusively in a Punjabi movie before. Does Tiger succeed in entertaining the audience? Let's analyze.

The story of Tiger revolves around how Sippy Gill, on returning from jail, uses a unique set of skills learned during his incarceration, to inflict revenge on the people who ruined his life.

Tiger is a sincere effort by the writer and the director to bring forth one of the major problems faced by the youth of Punjab – drugs. However, the problem with Tiger is that the script deviates from drugs to personal rivalries within the main characters of the movie, i.e. Sippy Gill and Yashpal Sharma, which leaves the viewers confused. The movie slows down in the second half as there is nothing happening in the story, but picks up speed towards the climax.

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Sippy Gill gets adequate opportunity to display his acting skills, and he manages to impress the viewers. In the supporting cast, Yashpal Sharma impresses the most. Ihana Dhillon needs to hone her acting skills a little more. Yograj Singh, who was widely promoted in the trailers of the movie, makes only a special appearance towards the end of the movie. The director of the movie, Sartaj Singh Pannu, does justice to the script (by Sippy Gill and Vishal Sethi) in hand. But the writers have tried to integrate too many tracks into the script, which reduces the overall impact of the movie.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Sippy Gill’s acting and the proceedings in this drug-based revenge saga make an interesting one-time watch.