Verdict: An honest celebration of friendship beyond borders.

Rakesh Mehta’s Yaara Ve is dedicated to those who value friendship over everything else. Set in the pre-Independence era, Yaara Ve has Yuvraj Hans making a comeback to the silver screen after a hiatus. The film also stars Gagan Kokri, who made a decent debut last year with Laatu. The trailer and title track managed to generate some hype prior to the film’s release. Does the movie have enough substance to win the hearts of the viewers? Let’s analyze.

What’s Yaara Ve About:

Best friends Buta (Gagan Kokri), Kishan (Raghveer Boli), and Neza (Yuvraj Hans) live in a village near Lahore. There is immense bonding and selfless love amongst them, which extends to their respective families who have been living in great harmony for ages. Life takes a beautiful turn when Naseebo (Monica Gill) enters Buta’s life during his sister’s marriage. Kishan and Neza help Buta and Naseebo fall in love but tragedy soon strikes in the middle of the celebrations, when the Partition is announced. The Hindus and Sikhs of the village that is located in Pakistan have no choice but to leave for Amritsar in India.

What Works: 

Yaara Ve’s prime characters Yuvraj, Raghveer and Gagan come across as carefree young boys devoid of any responsibilities or seriousness in their lives. There’s an instant connect with the characters who are similar to the boys we meet in life even today. All they care about is their well-being and standing by each other in every good or bad situation they face.

Yaara Ve takes off on a high. The friendship between the three friends, their notorious activities with other villagers, love and hate relationships with the village’s opposing group, and their love for their own and each other’s parents are all pleasing to watch. What goes in favor of Yaara Ve is that it not only shows the closeness between the three young friends, but also between the characters of B. N. Sharma and Rana Jung Bahadur, and those of Hobby Dhaliwal and Yograj Singh. The film roars about relations that are beyond boundaries and religions. The finale scene when the three reunite after 50 years is well written and executed.

Gagan Kokri gets the maximum screen time in the ensemble cast and the young singer-turned-actor delivers a decent performance. Yuvraj Hans has done better in the past but is nice to see him back on screen with a meaty role. Raghveer Boli provides the much needed laughter in the film. Monica Gill makes an impact. Hashneen Chauhan is first rate. B. N. Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Yograj Singh, Gurpreet Bhangu, and Rana Jung Bahadur deliver praiseworthy performances.

Rakesh Mehta chooses a story unlike his previous films. He gets an average script in his hands but turns it into an entertaining film. Special mention to be given to the film’s DoP Saurabh Vishwakarma and music composer Gurmeet Singh for his title track.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The film falters in the writing department. The love stories could have been explored in more detail. The film takes way too long to reach the life-changing event of the Partition. Until then, it’s just trying to hold the viewer’s attention through comedy and other emotions.

Why You Should Watch: 

Yaara Ve is worth watching as it celebrates friendship in the most honest way possible. The movie would be nostalgic for those who have resided in Pakistan before Independence. It teaches friendship goals, the characters have an emotional connect, and the chemistry between Yuvraj-Gagan-Raghveer is sparkling.