10 Endrathukulla: Film Review – An Interesting Road Film

Verdict: Plenty of twists make this an engaging watch.

Most of us enjoy a pleasant road trip. A long drive on endless roads is sure to be a calming experience. What’s a dampener though is how tiring road trips can get. Then, imagine a road journey loaded with fun, unpredictable events combined with a whole lot of thrill. That’s exactly what director Vijay Milton has delivered in 10 Endrathukulla. Reported to  be his most ambitious project, he presents the film in an original format. However, the film might tire you even before it reaches the destination.

The reason Milton’s previous film, Goli Soda was raved about was because he was able to bring out extraordinary quality out of his ordinary characters. He does this in 10 Endrathukulla as well. Be it Vikram’s role as the mercenary delivery man, or Rahul Dev‘s as the antagonist, he develops a sense of mystery around his lead characters, which adds originality to the film.
The first-half of the movie takes its own time in establishing the characters, and tries so with some funny moments. For instance, Samantha’s undying efforts to pass a driving test, more than once, is sure to crack you up. The film also introduces us to the conflict in the tale in one of the early sequences of the film.  But, the second half of the film is where the real journey begins. And, this is where we are introduced to a parallel story. Something that looks inspired straight from Indiana Jones. And, since this is something not much explored in Tamil films often, it gets quite interesting.  
One of the film’s negative points, is the lack of a strong backstory of the characters. It tries to create an impact, but the rushed manner of its narrative is where it falters. Road films need to be crisp, racy and fun. And 10 Endrathukulla tries all these elements. However, the film’s long narrative spoils the fun. 10 Endrathukulla also doubles up as an action-entertainer and the stunts and car chase sequences are pretty neat. They are well-choreographed, but considering the theme of the film, you only wished it had more fist-fights and adrenaline pumping car race sequences. You’d expect a film like this to end with a bang. And, it quite clearly does. 
Samantha plays the role of a typical ‘loosu’ ponnu you see in Tamil films. She’s unusually cheerful, for somebody who lacks stability in life. What’ll shock you is the intensity she carries in the second-half of the film. Vikram’s performance as James Bond/Mani Rathnam (and a few other names), is charismatic and energetic. His calm demeanor nicely balances out Samantha’s hyperactive character. The exotic locations and neat camera work are the other highlights of this film. Not to forget, the good costumes. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
Sleek visuals and high-octane action sequences and the perfect amount of emotional scenes makes 10 Endrathukulla is a perfect watch this week.