144 movie reviews

144: Film Review – Innovative ideas make this film entertaining

 Verdict – A quirky comedy

C. V. Kumar’s banner Thirukumaran entertainment has a reputation of promoting talented young filmmakers. Right from Pizza to Soodhu Kavvum, this production house has brought us some of the most interesting films to Tamil cinema. The credit for it also belongs to the young breed of filmmakers who deliver something refreshingly new to the audience. The latest film produced by the banner is 144, and has been directed by G. Manikandan.
144 is a crime-comedy that is set against the backdrop of a rural setting. The film is based on a story by late novelist Sujatha.  
What makes 144 stand out is the innovative ideas it carries. The scene where the gold bars are smartly hidden in a Vinayagar idol spells imagination. It’s not just any idol, but a systematically designed idol, which contains a secret locker inside. It’s not often that one gets to see a well-planned and executed sequence like this in cinema often, and that’s what makes this scene noteworthy. This is also one of the turning points of the film, where the director completely surprises the audience. 
The con-men are happy that the steal the gold effortlessly, their joy doubles when they sneak out peacefully. And, you begin to wonder if the crime carried out was that simple. That’s where the devious plan of the villain named – Feelings Ravi (Udhayabhanu Maheswaran) is revealed. That’s when we are treated to the sequences that are loaded with dark humor.
144 is a quirky film, mainly for the innovative characterization. In scenes where ‘Feelings’ Ravi uses his ‘torturous’ methods to traumatize people, to Ravi Verman’s (Ramodoss) sculpting skills; the characters of this film are original. While the first-half of the film is build on a ideas that you read in a novel, the second-half falters. The plot derails and the execution fails to create an impact. 
Why you should watch this film:
This film offers good humor and presented in a format that’s partly-engaging. The cinematography and music are other highlights of this film.