24: Film Review – Of Time Travel, Thrill and Power!

Verdict: A sci-fi thriller that'll amaze you.
If you've watched Vikram K. Kumar's previous films 13B (Yavarum Nalam)  and Manam, then you have a fair idea that the director's interest lies in culminating a world where fiction-meets-reality. This is layered by some sharp writing and innovative concepts that make the movie-watching experience seem unique. He combines the same template in this year's most-awaited film, 24, and it works like a cracker! The film is helped by a compelling narrative that pushes the audience into a parallel world, making them go back in time.
What would you do if you stumbled upon a  timepiece that can not only freeze the present but also rewrite the past? 24 dwells on this very concept. Some parts of the film borrow from the Bollywood films Mr. India and Koi Mil Gaya though.
It's always a refreshing change for the audience to see their favorite star in a genre that's new to them. And it's all the better when one of Kollywood's biggest stars, Suriya is a part of such a film. Over the past few years, Suriya's films didn't have a particularly good run at the box-office, which is why it is a commendable step for the actor to star in a sci-fi movie about time travel. 
The flaws in the script are few, but pointing them out might spill spoilers. At over 164 minutes, this film seems a tad long but, Suriya's charming on-screen presence makes up for it. 24 also features commercial elements like romance, comedy and drama, which don't really distract. 
Suriya shines in triple roles. His performance as Mani, Athreya and Sethuraman is superb. However, what keeps you engaged is his performance as the menacing villain, Athreya. It's not often that the performance of an antagonist carry a film, but Athreya does just that with his terrific act. Although brief, the performance by Nithya Menen is noteworthy too. Samantha and Suriya look good together and the romance sequences are original and funny. 
Technically the film is superb with top-notch VFX and the stunning visuals (credits to cinematographer Thirunavukarasu). It's perhaps the one film in recent times that features some brilliant visuals; those that take you to a different world. A.R. Rahman's music isn't quite catchy, but the background score is excellent and adds to the depth of the film.
Why You Should Watch The Movie
Intense, gripping and thrilling! All these words describe Vikram K Kumar's  sci-fi thriller. This impressive film introduces the Indian audience to the concept of time travel and weaves an intriguing story around it. Add to it Suriya's superb performance and you have a winner. Don't miss it!